The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 117 08/09/2014

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Ebola Could Cross Unsecured US Border?!

Ebola Outbreak A Global Health Emergency

Spanish Priest Put In Quarantine Over Ebola

Canadian Patient From Africa Has Symptoms

People On Sawyer Plane Now Have Ebola?!?

TN Doctor In Self-Quarantine After Hot Return?

Problems Shutter CDC Labs Prompt Review?!

CDC Closes Labs After Anthrax / Other Escape

Ebola Takes From Cameroon Cholera Outbreak

Deadly Flesh-Eating Bacteria In US Waterways?

Obama Policy A Direct Danger To United States

Court Orders Release Of Fast And Furious Info?!

Former Reagan Press Secretary Dies At Age 73

Russia Hacks Steal 1.2B Passwords Say Report

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Obama Signs Law Giving $225M For Iron Dome?

$619B Missed From Federal Transparency Site?!

Deputies Pepper Spray 'Larger Than Normal' 6YO

EMS Blows Whistle On NY Cops Who Beat Man?!

Facebook Messenger App To Invade Your Privacy

GameStop Requires Fingerprints When Trading?!

FBI Hires Firm To Rate Stories About The Agency

Nearly Half On Watchlist Unconnected To Terrorist

Ku Klux Klan Wants Young Refugees Shot Dead?!

Unaccompanied Minors Released In Virgin Islands

State Of Texas Bolsters Border Patrol With Its Own

Cop In Obama Rant Resigns As Video Goes Viral!

Obama Approves Airstrikes On Iraq / Airdrops Aid

ISIS Calls For Attacks On US Interests Worldwide?

22 US Jihad Training Camps FBI Refuses Action?!

ISIS To Raise Flag Of Muhammad In White House?

US Spy Plane Flees Russia Ends Up In Sweden?!?

Putin Hit Back With Food Ban On Sanction Nations

US / Russia Work On Nuclear Materials In Jeopardy

US Ally Cuts Off Com / Seeks Trade Outside Dollar

Israeli Official Calls For Gaza Concentration Camps

China Admits It Has Nukes That Can Reach The US

Foreign Commander Chief Of Staff US Army Europe

Killing Of US General Marks Grim Renewal Of Tactic

Current USGS Significant Quakes / 2.5+ Mags Data

Man Killed Homes Damaged In California Mudslides

TS Iselle Passing South Of Island Warnings Dropped

Mining Waste Spill Causes Water Ban In Canada?!?

A Massive Red Tide Moving Through Gulf Of Mexico!

Fukushima Meltdown Worse Than Initially Reported?!

A Lake Appears In The Middle Of Tunisian Desert?!?

Spacecraft To Attempt A Historic Comet Rendezvous

A Toddler Squeezes Through White House Fence?!?

8 YO And Grandmother Survive Vicious Otter Attack?

Machine That Turns Dead Bodies Into Brown Syrup?!

Pelosi Chases Marino Across The House Chamber?!

State Dept Hires A Testimony Coach For Grillings?!?

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