The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 120 08/30/2014

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Britain Raises Terror Threat Level

MI5 Website / Threat Level History

Operation Blackjack Slide 1 (2008)

Operation Blackjack Slide 2 (2008)

See Operation Blackjack In Full / Print

See Operation Blackjack In Full / Video

Islamic State Terror Laptop Of Doom?!

Increase In Jihadi Chatter Ahead Of 9/11

Imam Says ISIS Is Recruiting In Canada?

Al-Qaeda Calls For Attacks / GLP Thread

US Health Official 'Ebola Has Upper Hand'

Health Chief Warns Ebola To Get Worse?!

Ebola Orphans Flee Sierra Leone Farms?!

Dogs Eat Dead Bodies Of Ebola Victims?!

Rob Schneider Obtained CDC Cover Docs

St John Parish Water Brain Eating Amoeba

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Finished

Two Experts Warn Correct Could Total 60%

CNN / Time Warner Layoff Could Be Ahead

FYI Detroit Area Water Shut-Offs To Return?

DOJ Attorney Admits To Lois Lerner Emails

House To Spend $350K On Obama Lawsuit

73% Of ALS Donations Not For Research?!

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Problem Or Solution?

White House Jokes About Spying On Press?

Obama Preparing A Massive Power Grab?!?

Texas Police Pull Over Woman At Gunpoint?!

SWAT Surrounds Male Carrying Umbrella?!?

Woman Killed By Phoenix Police To City Hall

Media Not Covering Killing Of Dillon Taylor?!?

Deputy Shocks Disruptive Sovereign Citizen?!

Cops Crewman Killed By Police At Wendy's?!

Mo Oath Keepers Warn Gov Over Police State

Bill Maher Talks / Jokes About Police State?!?

Intel’s 'Smart Bracelet' To Launch In Weeks?!?

How Fluoride Affects 'Consciousness And Will'

47 UN Peacekeepers Abducted By Al-Qaeda?

ISIS Slaughter Soldiers Desert Mass Execution

Egyptian Feminist Menstruates On Islamic Flag

WTF ISIS Gains An Air Force Captures MiGs?!

1,000 Russian Troops Have Entered Ukraine?!

Putin Says Don’t Mess With A Nuclear Russia?!

Iran Will Arm Palestinians After Drone Downed?

Rubble Bucket Challenge To Raise Awareness!

Alex Israel Is Katie Foley?! By Jsnip4 (Must See)

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes And 2.5+

Strong Napa Quake Causes Extensive Damage

Large 6.9 Earthquake Reported In Central Peru!

Expert Expects 9.2+ Earthquake Up To 15 Faults

Waves Cause Coastal Damage In Seal Beach?!

Maryland Towns Are Sinking As Sea Levels Rise

Spectacular Solar Flare Erupts From The Sun?!?

Sinkhole So Deep You Can't See The Bottom?!?

Airlines On Alert As An Eruption Begins In Iceland

Jellyfish Washing Ashore Along The West Coast?

SpaceX Rocket Prototype Explodes Over Texas?

Mil Blows Up Hypersonic Weapon On Failed Test

Boston Bombing Suspect’s Sister Bomb Threat?!

Joan Rivers Resting After Rushed To Hospital?!?

Ship With $100M In Oil Vanishes Off Texas Coast

Ron Paul Calls For 9/11 Transparency Campaign

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