The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 119 08/23/2014

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Obama Heads Back To Vacation After DC Trip

Holder Visits Ferguson Says Change Is Coming

CNN Contradicts Fox About Officer Eye Socket?

Hundreds In Oakland March To Support Ferguson

CDC Says 30 States With Possible Ebola Cases

Ebola Patient Dr Brantly Says God Saved My Life

Air France Call For Ebola Flight Cancellations?!?

Gunmen Attack Liberia Ebola Facility Many Flee?

Pet Owners Warned As Plague Now In Colorado?

CDC Scientist Kept Quiet About The Flu Blunder?

Insane NJ Gun Laws Destroy Constitutional Rights

California School Police Cleared To Carry AR-15?

A Utah Woman Hospitalized Over Poisoned Tea?!

Heads Up! Data Breach At UPS Store In 24 States

How DOW Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

George Soros Bets $2B On Stock Market Collapse

809LB Tiger Shark Fed To Texas Poor / Homeless

$13M To NYC Gang Member 'Violence Interrupters'

Judge Demands Answers Over Lerner's Hard Drive

Seattle SWAT Team Deployed After Sibling Fight?!

WTF?!? Indiana SWAT Raid Over Wireless Internet

SC Student Arrested Writing About Killing Dinosaur

The Bless You Tennessee High School Suspension

Behind Closed Doors Obama Crafts Executive Act!

Gun Lock Scheme To Create Gun Registry For Vets

Admin Releases 7,173 More Illegals In Three Weeks

Huh? Mexico Protests Texas National Guard Troops

US Mil Failed To Rescue Foley And Other Hostages

ISIS Offered To Swap Foley For 'Lady Al Qaeda'?!?

Inhofe Says ISIS Strategizing To 'Blow Up' US City?!

Hagel Says ISIS Poses Greater Threat Than 9/11?!?

Cheney Absolutely Certain On Another Mass Attack?

Perry Says Real Possibility ISIS Have Crossed Over

Obama Considering Airstrikes In Syria Against ISIS?

US Now Faces Threat Of US Made Weapons In Iraq

Detached Obama Demeanor National Security Risk

After Foley Beheading Obama Making Golf Getaway

South Korea / US Start Mil Drill Despite North Threat

NATO Chief Confirms Russian Incursion Into Ukraine

Current USGS Significant Quakes / 2.5+ Mags Data

Earth Crack Opens Up Along Costa De Hermosillo?!

Hurricane Karina Maintains Intensity Heads To Cools

Tropical Storm Lowell Lost Strength Over Cold Water

Asteroid Watch 2002 CU11 Information / GLP Thread

Ontario People Thought Wedding Lantern Was UFO?

Tourist Swims For Life Away From Hungry Crocodile!

Man Answers His Phone During His Own Exorcism?!

Police Cadet Goes On Family Party Shooting Spree?

Alleged Intruder Arrested After Stripping Leaving ID?

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