The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 118 08/16/2014

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New Police Leadership In Ferguson Mo

Military Gear Was An Act Of Provocation

Ferguson Mo Before Leadership Change

Ferguson Mo Under The New Leadership

Robbery And Shooting Not Connected?!?

City Sergeant Is Not Cop Who Shot Brown

Firefighters Suffer Burns Battling Ca Blaze

Pass Plane Crashes Near Tehran's Airport

Ebola Now Moving Faster Than Reported?!

Ebola Epidemic Due To Biological Weapon

King Obama Plays Back Nine On Vacation?

French Minister Slams Obama For Golfing?!

Robin Williams Dies In Apparent Suicide =0(

Legendary Actress Lauren Bacall Dies At 89

How Dow Jones Industrial Avg Did On Week

Jap GDP Plunges 6.8% Spending Collapses

McDonald's Sales Fell More Than Expected?

Cafe Passing Wage Hike Onto Its Customers!bElWIz

Obamacare Enrollment Now Sinking? Oh No!

New Credit Score Change Will Affect Millions

Shoot Racist Tea Partiers Battlefield Hardline

The DHS Predicts Rise Of 'Anti-Gov' Violence

72 Types Of 'Domestic Terrorists' Says The G

Microchips Implanted Sooner Than You Think?

Little-Covered Aspect Of The Ferguson Unrest

Bill Stops Providing Mil Equipment To Police?

AR-15 Not Covered By Second Amendment?!

California Seeks To Ban Body Armor HR5344

No Receipts For Thousands Unaccompanied?

Militias Deterring Immigrants / Cartels In Texas

Texas Gov Rick Perry Indicted By Grand Jury?!

Never Forget Rod Blagojevich! (Please Share)

ISIS PR Photos They Took With John McCain?

French Report ISIL Leader Is A Mossad Agent

Warning Horrific Photograph Of ISIS Atrocities

ISIS Buries 500 Alive Orders Others Convert?!

ISIS Caps Dam Threatens Biblical Catastrophe

ISIS To Raise The Flag Of Allah In White House

Militants To Blow Up Embassies Over Airstrikes

San Diego Area Prepares For Iraqi Refugees?!

Russia Forces US Sub Out Of Boundary Waters

Putin Says Ukraine A Battlefield For The NWO?!

Australian Jihadist Son Holding Severed Head?!

Marine Who Urinated On Corpses Found Dead?

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5 Data

Julio Strengthens Into Hurricane North Of Hawaii

Baltimore / DC Area Flooded By Record Rainfall

Detroit Area Interstate Closed After Historic Rain

Two Train Wagons Derail In Alps After Landslide

Bright Red Supermoon Glows Over Madrid Spain

2-Headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkish Beach

Japanese Whaling Crew Eaten By Killer Whales?

Couple Dies After Trying To Take Selfies On Cliff?

Man Claims To Secede Establish Own Country?!?

Man Beat Girlfriend After Dreaming She Cheated?

Oh Noz Man Castrated By Woman Over $13 Sex?

IBM Chip With 4,096 Cores Functions Like Brain?

Why Is Area 51 Building Mysterious New Hangar?

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