The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 116 08/02/2014

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Ebola Coming To US As Atlanta Preps For Patients

UK Faces Possible Ebola Outbreak Hammond Warns

Ebola Moving Faster Than Control Efforts WHO Warns

Travel Alert Over Largest Ebola Outbreak In History?!?

US Airports On Alert For Travellers With Signs Of Ebola

FYI Executive Order Revised Quarantinable Diseases?!

Gov Orders $1B Worth Of FEMA Coffins?!? (Feb 2014)

WTF? NYC To Conduct Largest Bio Drill In City History?

DC Streets Closing For US / Africa Summit Next Week!

NIH To Launch Early Ebola Vaccine Trial In September?

Chicken Pox Puts Illegal Immigrant Facility On Lockdown

Drug-Resistant Superbug Increasing In SE US Hospitals

25 Dead / 270 Injured As Gas Explosion Hit Taiwan City

Malaysia Air Flight Abandon Take-Off To Avoid Collision

UCLA Water Main Break Prompts Flooding On Campus

UCLA Target Flooding After Another Water Main Break?

How The DOW Jones Industrial Average Did This Week

Default Fuels Uncertainty As Stocks Drop In Argentina?!

Chicago Purchasing Index Unexpectedly Plunged To 52!

Gov To Pay You $7K / Month To Foster Illegal Immigrants

Oh Yeah! HealthCare.Gov Has Already Cost US $840M?

IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate!

An IRS Error Leaving First Responders Without Refund?!

You Don't Have A Right To Know What Goes On Minions

Huge Breakthrough Coming With Classified 9/11 Info?!?

TSA Offers Rewards For Innovative Screening Solutions!

NY DHS To Pay You $500 To Rat Out Prepper Neighbor!

Michelle Teams Up With Monsanto For GMO Yum Yum?!

Armed BLM Gestapo Threatening Rural Citizens Again?!

Blogger Arrested In Raid On His Home After Hoax Story?

Troops Told To Refrain From Eating In Front Of Muslims?

Recess 'Delayed' As Boehner To Resuscitate Border Bill

Gangs Recruiting Minors At Border Security Facilities?!?

The Americans Taking Immigration Into Their Own Hands

Immigrants Show Up At Border With Yes We Can Shoes

Gaza 72 Hour Cease-Fire Unravels As Soldier Captured

Gaza Refugee Camp And Hospital Hit By Israeli Missiles

Israel Pays For Pro-Israeli Social Media (Sorry Old Story)

IDF Sniper Admits On Instagram To Murder Of Children?!

Leader Of Iran Calls For Arming Of Gaza To Fight Israel?

Israel Iron Dome Missile Tech Stolen By Chinese Hacker

Russia Threatens To End All Security Ties With US / EU!

40 Mortar Shells Fired To Kill Into Russia From Ukraine?

Military Downsizing Leaves US Weak To Counter Threat

Pentagon Lost Track Of Guns Shipped To Afghanistan?!

WTF? Muslims Take 50 Innocent People Cut Heads Off?

Contraband Choco Pies Float To North Korea By Balloon

Current USGS Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mags Data

One Dead After Lightning Strikes South California Beach

Japan Heatwave Kills 15 Puts Thousands In The Hospital

Nuisance Flood An Increasing Prob As Sea Level Rise?!

Heads Up Iselle Becomes A Hurricane In Eastern Pacific

Blue Sea Creatures Wash Up On Beaches In Pacific NW

River Turns Blood Red Overnight Baffling A Chinese City!

Exeter Residents Left Shocked By Bizarre Square Cloud!

They're Multiplying Second 'Black Hole' Found In Siberia?

Emergency Landing On Florida Beach Kills Beachgoer?!

Stowaway Body Found In US Military Plane Wheel Well?!

2.5 Million In Cocaine Disappears From Paris Police HQ

LAPD Officer Severely Injured After Police K-9 Bites Him

MDA Supporters Protest Topless Against Tx Open Carry

Ticket Me Elmo? NY Mulls Law For Impersonators Huh?!

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