The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 114 07/19/2014

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Forensic Profiler Says Obama Slipping Mentally

Cheney Calls Obama Worst President In Lifetime

Veteran With PTSD Killed By Germantown Police

Guardsman Kills Two Then Himself In Northern Utah

Ebola Deaths Up To 603 Ivory Coast Closes Border

US Lab Mixes Common Flu With Deadly Bird Flu?!?

Three Dead In Stockton Bank Robbery And Gunbattle

Bloods Threaten To Kill Jersey PD To Avenge Death

Detroit Police Chief Says Armed Citizens Cut Crime

Florida Police Spokesman Says Get Some Firearms

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Microsoft To Cut Up To 18,000 Jobs Over Next Year?

Pentagon Gives Pink Slips To Thousands Of Soldiers

China Bought $22B In US Homes Over 12 Months?!?

Obama To Take Massive Luxury Vacation In August?

Fight Between Miami Officer / Lieutenant On Camera

NYPD Kill Man On Video After He Breaks Up A Fight

Homeland Security Agents In Community Outreach?!

Americans Installing Perfect Spy Device Amazon TV

Near Mutiny Among Border Patrol Agents Over DHS?

Migrants Privacy Trumps Americans Right To Know?!

MS-13 Members Arrested With Car Of Illegal Recruits

The TSA Lets Illegal Aliens Surpass Airport Security?

Obama Says MH17 Hit By Missile Via Rebel Ukraine

Military Satellites Likely Saw Missile Strike On MH17

Rebel Com Suggests Passengers Died Days Before

Russia Today Reporter Quits Over MH17 Coverage?

FYI Israel's Threat As Thousands Flee Northern Gaza

About 90% Of All Aircraft Destroyed At Tripoli Airport

US Sees Risks In Assisting Compromised Iraq Force

Egypt Charges Obama And Hillary With Conspiring?!

Current USGS Significant Quakes And 2.5+ Mag Info

USGS Raises Risk Of Earthquakes For Half Of US?!

Typhoon Rammasun Shifts Slightly Leaves One Dead

Tropical Storm Wali Weakening Just Rain For Hawaii

Fireball Passes Directly Over Central Virginia On 7/17

Fireball Splits In Two Over Moonstruck Dallas On 7/12

Euro Agency Says Magnetic North Drifting Southward

Supervolcano In Yellowstone Turns Roads Into Soup?!

Large Crater Appears At End Of The Earth In Russia?

Space Junk Damages The International Space Station

Utah Man Blows Up Police Station To Start Revolution

Arrested Kentucky Man Ordered 5 Pizzas To Station?!

Human Meat Found In A McDonald’s Meat Factory?!?

Malfunction Causes Corpse To Fall Into Penn Traffic?!

Colorado Springs Rental Cars Taken By The Military?

Iran Says Tall White Space Aliens Control America?!?

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