The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 113 07/12/2014

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Gov Rick Perry Breaks Promise On Hand Shake

Obama Laughs His Way Through Perry Meeting?

Obama Laughs Off Impeachment Says 'For What?'

Obama Approval High With Muslims New Poll Says

FYI West Nile Virus Returns To Steele Co Minnesota

Texas Confirms First Case Of Mosquito Borne Virus

A Fire Captain Says 11 Dead In Poland Plane Crash

Plane Diverts To Lambert Airport After Pass Threats

Deadly Domestic Dispute Between Naples Officers?!

Texas Man Shot Estranged Wife's 7 Family Members

Target's Gun Ban Backfires Here Come The Robbers

5 Dead 11 Hurt In Overnight Gun Violence In Chicago

Six Flags Magic Mountain Ninja Roller Coaster Derails

Mexican Cargo Train Carrying 1,300 Migrants Derails

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Resolution Filed Ordering Arrest Of Lois Lerner Huh?!

Holder Will Appoint IRS Special Prosecutor?!? LMAO

United States Gov Sending Pink Slips To A War Zone

HHS Bankrolled Church To Prepare For 2014 Invasion

JP Morgan Man Shot Wife Then Self Authorities Say?!

Prostitute Arrested Over Death Of Google Executive?!

People Line Up For Legal Washington State Marijuana

WTF?!? Airport In Venezuela Charging Breathing Tax?

Ouch! Egypt Raises Fuel Prices 78 Percent Overnight!

Putin Writes Off 90 Percent Of Cuba's Debts To USSR

Video Of California Cop Punching Woman On Freeway

Federal Agents Swarm Livingston IL Don't Know Why?!

Violent SWAT Raid Leaves St Paul Family Traumatized

WTF? Dog Shot Dead In Owners Van By Idaho Police?

FL Sheriff 'Public Opinion Won’t Decide MRAP Debate'

Students Plan To Break Dress Code Is Now Terrorism?

States Look To Gun Seizure Law After Mass Killings?!?

LA To Ban Standard Cap Mags Even Grandfathered?!?

Biden Says Tea Baggers Preventing New Gun Laws?!?

Washington State Vet Arrested For Legal Open Carry?!

Accounts NSA Investigated Belong To Ordinary Users?!

US Kidnaps Russian MPs Son To Exchange Snowden?

Illegals Bussed To US With High Contagious Diseases?

90K New Illegals Expected To Invade By Summers End

WTF? TSA Allowing Illegals To Fly Without Verifiable ID

Abandoned Checkpoints The Ghosts Of Pre-EU Europe

Ongoing Rocket Attacks On North Israel From Lebanon

Hamas Vows Revenge After Use Of Human Shields?!?

60 Rockets Pound Israel In 1 Hour / IDF Preps For War!

Hamas Attempted To Hit Nuclear Reactor In Dimona?!?

Taliban Launch Big Rocket Attack On Kabul Oil Tankers

German FM To Meet Kerry To Discuss Spying Claims?!

Smoking Gun Proof Israeli Teen Kidnapping False Flag!

Top Generals Reveal Obama Secret High Level Purge?

Current USGS Significant Quake / 2.5+ Mag Information

6.8 Hits Off Fukushima With Tsunami Advisories Issued

New York Towns Can Prohibit Fracking Top Court Rules

2.5K Oklahoma Quakes Fracking Linked Scientists Say

Gas Charged Quakes Are Linked To Louisiana Sinkhole

Astronauts See Typhoon Neoguri's Power From Space?

Thermals Melt Road Force Closure In Yellowstone Park?!

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster?!?

Fan Caught Sleeping Now Suing ESPN For $10 Million?!

One Human Leg Found In Ohio River Near Henderson KY

Hungry Man Dies At So Dakota Hot Dog Eating Contest?

Fox Boston Reports New Signs Point The Wrong Way?!?

Gov Sends 14K Draft Notices To Men Born In The 1800s

Human Animal Experiments Transhumanism And Hybrids

Woman Is Upset About Obama Outhouse Parade Float?!

WTF?!? King Obama Nominated For An Emmy?!? Yep..

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