The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 112 07/06/2014

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UN Says Ebola Could Become Pandemic

Deadly New Flu Strain For Pandemic Research

Propane Explosion On Philadelphia Food Truck

One Dead In Chemical Blast At Indiana GM Plant

Obama Ignores Lawsuit Threat Says I'm The Man

Not Going To Wait For Congress To Write Laws?

Target Stores Clarifies Gun Statement Not A Ban

Moms Demand Action Kicked Out Of TX Target?!

KY Jewelry Employees Hold Robbers At Gun Point

Family Of 16 Year Old Armed Robber Speaks Out

California Chicken Linked To Salmonella Recalled

FYI GM Recalls 7.6M More Cars As Costs Balloon

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Above 17K?

Hiring Is Strong And Jobless Rate Declines To 6.1?

$9B BNP Fine Is A Warning To Bank Shareholders

Whats That? Yet Another JPMorgan Banker Death?

What Happens When US Disability Fund Runs Dry?

Regulators Accuse T-Mobile US Over Bogus Billing

Solar Trash Cans To Save Philadelphia City Millions

Obamacare Coverage In Jeopardy Over Data Flaws

McDonald Is Obama Nominee To Lead Vets Affairs

Vet Gets Doc Appointment 2 Years After He Died?!

Hospitals Turning To Data Brokers For Patient Info?

Docs To Be Trained To Determine Gun Ownership?

Indiana Officer Pushing Over Man In A Wheelchair?!

Virginia Police Arrest Paraplegic Man In Wheelchair

NYPD Beats Man For Sleeping On Way From Work

Albuquerque Cop Shoots Girl Has Cam Malfunction

West Virginia Trooper Opens Fire Kills Family Dog

Seattle Police File Suit Over Use Of Force Policy?!

Facebook Manipulated News Feeds Over Emotions

Idaho Vet Gets Apology From HOA Over Flag Flap?

Foreign Minors To Hit Texas Schools Officials Silent

The Border Crisis Not A National Security Threat?!?

ISIS Vid "Obama Did You Prepare Enough Diapers"

Father Commits Suicide After ISIS Rapes His Wife?

Mexico Thieves Steal Truck With Radioactive Load?

Controversial Movie Release Aisha And Muhammad

Three Israeli Teens Were Found Dead Near Hebron

Israel Moves Forces Near Gaza As Funeral Delayed

Stuxnet Like Havex Malware Hits Euro SCADA Sys?

Snowden Files Will Be Published In July To Avert War

FYI Hurricane Arthur Dumping Rain But Little Damage

Current USGS Significant Earthquake / 2.5+ Mag Info

Big Quakes Double In 2014 Scientists Say No Links?

Fireball Meteor Caught On Cam By A UK Observatory

Mystery Flashing Lights Spotted Again In SoCal Skies

ET Phone Home! New Programs To Listen For Aliens

New NASA Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Satellite A Go

Plane Lands In Wichita After Slide Deploys Mid-Flight

Plane Returns To LAX As Water Leak Floods Fliers?!

Burger King Makes Gay Burger With Proud Whopper?

OMG WTF? Hairy Skin Found Inside Of A Pepsi Can?

Have Sex With Your iPad Thanks To A New Sex Toy?!

Mother / Son Business Sells Full-Body Woman Suits?!

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