The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 108 06/07/2014

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Georgia Shooter Had Explosives And Assault Rifle

One Dead In Shooting At Seattle Pacific University

Stabbing At Naval Medical Center In Portsmouth?!

Three Canadian Officers Killed In Spray Of Gunfire

Chili's And Sonic Banning Guns From Restaurants

NRA Calls 'Open Carry' Rallies 'Downright Weird'?

NRA Now Apologizes For Its Comments?! LMAO!

FYI - Open Carry Kansas Now Kicks It Up A Notch

Military Plane Crashes Into Imperial Neighborhood

Philadelphia Inquirer Owner Killed In Plane Crash?!

Ryan K Chamberlain In Custody Following Manhunt

Obama Chomps On Gum During D-Day Anniversary

Strong Jobs Report Leads To Another Dow Record

Economy Recovers All Jobs Lost In Great Recession

Has Next Middle Class Recession Already Begun?!?

Revenue Up In Colorado After Marijuana Legalization

Study Examines Efficacy Of Taxes On Sugary Drinks

Holder Announces Task Force On Homegrown Terror

Obama Shifts From Islamic Terrorists To US Citizens

Secret Service To 'Detect Sarcasm' In Social Media?

NSA Collects Millions Of Facial Pics Daily Docs Say

Google Building 180 Sats To Spread Net Worldwide

LAPD Is Talking About Its New Tool To Fight Crime?

GVPTF Chair Introduces Wide Range Gun Control?!

Weapon Confiscation Method To Prevent Gun Death,0,6974273.story

Doctors Call To Ban Kitchen Knives (Old Story Sorry)

BP To Release 500 Illegal Aliens Per Week Into US?

Cruz On Repealing First Amendment (Please Share)

Federal Agent Commits Suicide At Pittsburgh DHS?

Squad Leader Says Bergdahl Was Seeking Taliban

Bergdahl Declared Jihad In Captivity Docs Show?!?

Taliban Cmd Says Obama Deal Is Historic Moment?

Freed Taliban Cmd Vows Return To War On USA?!

Soldier's Idaho Hometown Cancels Amid Backlash?

Troops Who Served With Bergdahl Psychopaths?!?

FBI Was Investigating Hastings Bergdahl Reporting

North Korea Says It Is Holding An American Tourist?

China Jets To Rig As Vietnam Threatens Legal Acts

West Ponders How To Stop Or Fight New Great War

Severe Weather Potential Derecho Through Midwest

Technique To Manage Solar Geo Eng Uncertainties?

Earthquake Swarm Detected At Yellowstone National

Volcano Like Eruption In Himachal Pradesh Area?!?

Big Sinkhole Appears Under Car In Evansville Indiana

Mysterious Dancing Fireball Captured On Cam 06/05

Huge Beast Asteroid 2014 HQ124 Earth Fly By 06/08

Asteroid 2014 HQ124 NASA JPL Data (Java Applet)

Obama Environmental Move Power Plant Carbon Cut

High-Speed Internet Access Coming To The Moon?!?

Girls Stab Friend 19 Times In Planned Attack Say PD

WTF Man Charged With Stealing Skin From Hospital

Wild Chase Before Crashing Into House And Stripping

Derp Man Calls 911 Because Wife Threw Out Beer?!

WTF Cow Manure Fetish Man Jailed For Five Years?

Talented Bird Poops A Self Portrait On Car Window?

Police Investigate Church After Hell Warning Poster?!

Smartphone Chip High-Def Holograms Early As 2015

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