The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 111 06/28/2014

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Deadliest Ebola Outbreak In History Happening Now

Swine Flu Confirmed At Shelter For Unaccompanied

Chicago Passes Gun Ordinances Sets $3,800 Fee?!

Colorado Governor Admits His Gun-Con Law Terrible

Firefighters Come Under Fire Despite DC Gun-Con?!

Obama Hits Chipotle For Lunch The People Ignore?!?

Lawmaker 'No Recess For Congress Until It Behaves'

FYI Velveeta Cheese Has Been Recalled In 12 States

Automakers To Recall Air Bags In Humid Parts Of US

Wi-Fi Images Reveal How The Networks Surround Us

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

The US Economy Contracted 2.9% In The 1St Quarter

Brent Crude At Nine Month High Inching Past $117.00

Debt Soars To $60T Foreshadows New Recession?!

Chicago Lays Off 1,150 Teachers / Other School Staff

Half Of Detroit Water Customers Can’t Pay Their Bill?!

WTF? Pentagon Crashed Over 400 Military Drones?!?

65 Percent Of Senior VA Executives Got Bonuses Huh

GOP 'No More Bonuses Until IRS Hands Over E Mails'

Stockman 'Taxpayers Can Use Same Excuses As IRS'

Oh No! The EPA Now Joins The IRS Lost E Mails Club

New Health Chief Revamps HealthCare Blah Blah Blah

A SWAT Team Blew A Hole In 2 Year-Old Boy / Update

WTF? Massachusetts SWAT Teams Are Private Corps

FBI Found Less Than Expected At FL Prepper's Home

Army's All Seeing Surveillance Blimps Get Go Ahead?!

School Seduction Turns Teachers Onto Common Core

Why Many States Are Now Dropping Common Core?!?

NY To Provide Free Legal Aid / IDs To Undocumented?

Feds To House Illegal Aliens In Border Patrol Academy

Federal Judge Rules No Fly List Violates Constitution?!

Supreme Court Limits Police Right To Search Phones?,0,3825343.story

Bill To Stop Bureau Of Land Management Texas Grab?

Obama Recess Appointments Violated Constitution?!?

Obama Seeks More Aid For Moderate Rebels In Syria?

WTF? Obama Seeks $65 Billion More In War Funds?!?

John Kerry Assures Iraqis Of US Support If They Unite?!

Russian Fighter Jets Arriving In Baghdad This Weekend

Heads Up! ISIS Now Tries To Grab Its Own Air Force?!?

Israel Launches New Airstrikes In Syria After Teen Killed

US Troops Killed By Bomb In Afghanistan Rest In Peace

Army Drawdown Continues 1,100 Captains To Be Cut?!

Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US And Shoots?

South Korean Soldier At Large After Killing Comrades?!

WTF? Afghan Air Force Might Be Coming To Georgia?!

Los Angeles Hearts Islam As Terror Gets Its Own Month

Current USGS Significant Quake / 2.5+ Mag Information

Scientist Says Alaska / New Zealand Quakes Linked?!?

Big Hailstorm Leaves Pile Of Ice In Japan Kanto Region

FYI 7,500 Gallons Of Oil Spills Into The Colorado River?!

FYI Bootid Meteor Shower Took Place Friday 6/27/2014

US Space Fence Contract Awarded To Lockheed Martin

Mag North Pole Shift Confirmed By SWARM Mission?!?

NASA Now Streaming Live Camera Views From Space

WTF? Student Gets Stuck Inside Giant Stone Vagina?!?

OMG! Crazy Liberals Using Dildos To Push Gun Safety?

Women's Soccer Star Arrested For Assaulting Family?!?

Fake Live-In Nanny Won't Leave Upland Family Home?!?

Huh? Dad Of Boy Found In Basement Did Nothing Wrong

Oh No! Men Throw Out $1M Ticket Then Sue NJ Lottery?!

Oops...... $10M Yacht Sinks During Launch In Washington

Major William Podgorski Dies After Brief Illness Huh?!?

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