The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 110 06/21/2014

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FBI Search For Valrico Doomsday Prepper

Doomsday Prepper Surrenders Held No Bail

Gun Control Groups March On Brooklyn Bridge

Hillary Says Gun Control Opponents Terrorize?

At Least 27 Shot In Chicago Last Weekend?!?

Florida Man Shot Robber After 911 Voicemail,0,

2 Texas Men Arrested Held On Terror Charges

Attack Discovered At Substation Near Border?

Pope Allows Islamic Prayers / Koran Readings?

Clooney To Be Governor Before US President?

Anthrax Scare Latest Safety Lapse At CDC Lab

Rest In Peace DJ Casey Kasem Dies At Age 82

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Central Banks Secretly Invested $29T In Market?

Turmoil In Iraq Is Pushing Up US Gasoline Prices

Senators Propose Gas Tax Increase Of 12 Cents

Speedway Sign Malfunctions Touts $6.66 Gas?!?

Target Apologizes After Glitch Checkout Problem

Lois Lerner’s Emails Are Likely Gone Forever?!?

Congressman Asks NSA For Lerner’s Metadata?

GOP Argues IRS Targeting Influenced By Obama

London Criticized Over Anti-Homeless Spikes?!?

ICE Shipping Illegal Immigrants To Massachusetts

Escort Services For Unaccompanied Alien Kids?!

Domestic Terrorism Task Force More Than Due?!

No-Knock SWAT Raid Leaves Texas Father Dead

Baltimore Cop Charged With Slitting Dogs Throat?

Dash Cam Shows Dogs Attack Cop During Stop?!

Lambert Airport Opens TSA Pre-Check Screening

WTF? US Flag A Threat To The Muslim Community

Fluoride Toxicity No Longer A Conspiracy Theory?!

Xanax Link To Mass Shootings Confirmed Yet Again

Nestle CEO Says Water Is Not A Human Right Huh?!

School Closed Actors Used Robbie Parker Exposed

Obama Is Sending 300 Soldiers To Iraq As 'Advisers'

Obama Not Seeking Any Congressional Authorization

ISIS Occupies Hussein's Chemical Weapons Facility?

Chlorine Gas Chemicals Likely Used In Syria Conflict?

Exxon Carries Out Major Evacuation From Iraq Area?!

OBJ ALERT - ISIS To Attack Britain Fears Cameron?!

9/11 Anyone? ISIS Militants With US Passports WTF?

ISIS Terrorists Trained By US In 2012 For Syria Con?!

WTF?!? ISIS Intelligence Technology Training Website

Ukrainian Poltava Region Gas Transit Pipe Explodes?

Ukraine Says Russian Tank Incursion Is Unacceptable

Truth In The MSM?!? The Collapsing Obama Doctrine

One Dead After Twin Tornadoes Blast Nebraska 6/16

At Least 7 Reported Tornadoes Hit Nebraska / Kansas

Current Significant Earthquakes / 2.5+ Mag Information

Solar 'Mini-Max' Erupts As Quiet Sun Finally Hits Peak

Earth Impact Comets Bigger Danger Than Asteroids?!

University Scientists Cap UFO At Norway Observatory

Cuffed Man Shoots Using Gun Hidden In Butt Cheeks?

450LB Florida Man Hid His Drugs Under Stomach Fat

Hoarder Crushed By Debris As Floor Collapsed WTF?

Coroner Says Body Found Was Hanging For 5 Years?

Mother Dies After Vomiting And Hitting Head On Pole?

Mystery Sea Monster Eats 9-Foot Great White Shark?!

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