The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 109 06/14/2014

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Vegas Police Release Shootout Footage

Sheriff Mack Connected To Vegas Shooters

Student And Shooter Dead At Reynolds High

Vancouver Shooting Sends Area Into Chaos

30 Homes Evacuated In LA County Standoff

Five Dead After Father Kills Family Then Self

Obama 'We Should Be Ashamed Over Guns'

Open Carry Texas Receiving Death Threats?!

Scissors Wielding Teens Arrested For Mugs?

FBI Investigating Explosion At Az Power Plant

4K Pounds Of Rib-Eyes / Other Beef Recalled!YJOup

Mysterious Illness Causes Terrifying Outbursts

More GM Recalls Covering Over 105K Vehicles

Comcast Turns Houston Homes Into Hotspots?

How The DOW Jones Industrials Did On Week

WTF? Could Banks Charge Fees For Deposits

Pensioners Lose Savings In Gov Cash Grab?!?

Hong Kong Gold Shipment Is Worthless Metal?!

Clinton 'We Came Out Of White House Broke'?!

Morgan Freeman ‘Race Affects Wealth? Bullshit’

Rockefeller Family Member Dies In Plane Crash

World Cup Kicks Off With Riots And Tear Gas?!

Pentagon Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown?

DHS Targets Small Town Of Kalispell Montana?

FAA OKs Commercial Drone Flights Over Land?

Boy Brought Toy Gun To School May Be Expelled

Pa Parents Investigated By CPS After Home Birth

Pit Bull Shot Hammond Cop Claims Self Defense

Officer Shot Dog Responding To Call Went To Jail

New Wearable RFID SIM Card To Rule Them All?

Americans Secretly Implanted With RFID Chips?!?

Google Glass Rifles Mind Blowing Fire Superiority

Obama Telling Police Not To Tell You About This?!

Iran Just Sent An Elite Military Unit To Fight In Iraq?

Allen Says Obama Should Strike With A Hard Blow

Pakistani Taliban Claims Attack That Left 28 Dead

Five US Troops Killed In Afghanistan Friendly Strike

Hillary Says She Won’t Turn Over Benghazi Notes?!

Benghazi Attackers Using State Dept Cell Phones?

06/22 About To Be A Date That Will Live In Infamy?!

Aircraft Disappear From Radars In Heart Of Europe

Radioactive Material Stolen From Lab In Mexico?!?

IED Training Kit Luggage Found At Honolulu Airport

Rare Friday 13Th Honey Moon First Time 100 Years

Sun Unleashes 2 Major Solar Flares Back To Back?

Luxury Home Dangling Off Cliff Of Central Texas Lake

No Tsunami Threat Following Molokai 4.1 Mag Quake

Tornadoes Rip Britain As Freak Weather Starts In UK

FYI - Seeding Operations Research In Texas?!? Huh?

West Coast Sea Stars Extinction Event Is Pretty Close

Iodide Pills Handed Out Near Ontario Nuclear Plant?!

An Underground Ocean Three Times That On Surface

3D Printer Cleared For Aug Launch To Space Station

NASA Physicist Artist Unveil Warp Speed Craft Design

The Best Space Photos Of The Week For 06/07/2014

Man Arrested Again For Sex Act With Inflatable Raft?!

Man Gets Penis Stuck In Pipe While Nude Decorating

Tractor Driver Leads Police On A Two Hour Chase?!?

Burglary Defendant Freed In Jury Mistake Killed HaHa

Two Teenagers Die In Party Balcony Fall Sex Accident

St Louis Archbishop Didn't Know Child Sex Was Crime

Underground Cities Connected To Vanishing People?!

Ouch! Harrison Ford Injures Ankle On Set Of Star Wars

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Man Helps Trucker Escape Fiery Crash

Dad Kills Man Who Held Gun On Daughter

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