The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 107 06/01/2014

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Police Arrest Dozens During Memorial Day Ruckus

Westboro Church To Picket Maya Angelou Funeral

Willis Tower Cracks Frighten Tourists / No Danger

Explosion Sparks Tanker Fire Off Japanese Coast

Raw MH370 Satellite Data Released By Malaysia

Pings Not Thought To Be From MH370 Black Box?

FAA Investigates Yet Another Close Call In Houston

Near Miss Between Alaska Air Jet And Cargo Plane

Jay Carney Steps Down As WH Press Secretary?!?

FYI - Ford Announced Recalls Affecting 1.4Mil Cars

Oakland Parent Arrested In School Hammer Attack?

More Kills With Fists And Hammers Than With Guns

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

George Soros Sells Shares Citi / B Of A / JP Morgan

The United States Food Inflation Is Running At 22%?

VA Cuts D-Day Veteran’s Benefits To $6 A Month?!?

Federal Workers Owe The IRS $3B In Unpaid Taxes?

Park Protection While Expanding Gas Drilling Under?

Austria To Audit Gold Reserves At Bank Of England?

Nestle Pays Valeant $1.4B For Skin Care Sale Right

YEAH! Iran Hangs Key Figure In Banking Scandal?!?

Reward Offered In Missing South Korea Ferry Owner

Baby Critically Burned By SWAT Raid Stun Grenade

Cop Shoots Teen Couple After Finding Them Kissing

NYPD To Use Drone / CA Plate Reader Controversy

FYI - 'Smart Pills' Raise Legal And Ethical Questions

Foreign Troops Practice Invading Tampa Florida?!?

FYI - Jacksonville Implements Orwellian Police State

Emanuel Ordinance To Require Video Of Gun Sales

Dianne Feinstein Jumps On Ca Shooting Slams NRA

Ventura County Could Be First In State To Use Drone

Signatures Rejected In Maui Anti-GMO Ballot Effort?!

Dem Senators Want To Repeal The First Amendment

In Junta Ruled Thailand Reading Is Now Resistance?!

FYI - Google Unveils Fully Autonomous Car Prototype

Self-Driving Cars Turn Surveillance Woes Into Worry!

Diet Beverages Better For Losing Weight Than Water

30 Percent Of World Is Now Fat No Country Is Immune

Ukraine Military Helicopter Shot Down 15 Now Dead

Obama Cuts Troops 'Afghanistan Will Not Be Perfect'

WH Scrambles To Contain Damage After Outing CIA

The Military Is Building Brain Chips To Treat PTSD?!?

Obama Intel Chief Lied About Muslim Brotherhood Con

Sheik Obama Tells Islamists US Willing To Surrender

3 People Missing In Mesa County Colorado Mudslide

Mag 6.4 Quake Hits Greece Tremors In Jordan 05/24

Lake Superior Could Have Ice Cover Linger Into June

Lake Powell Less Than Half Full Impacts From Space

Must See! Oil Workers Film Tornado In North Dakota?

Big Sinkhole In Winter Haven Florida Is Still Growing?!

More Fish Deaths Are A Mystery At Lake Mendocino?

More Whales Being Hit By Ships Along US East Coast

Soyuz Launched Wednesday With American Astronaut

Japan Launches Satellite To Monitor Natural Disasters

First Look At SpaceX New Astronaut Spaceship Taxi

Boats Washed Ashore In WA Japan Tsunami Debris?

Naked Man Playing Portland Courthouse Violin Jailed

Norway Artist Cooked And Ate Own Hip On 'A Whim'?

Pedestrian Hit By Flying Buzzsaw In Manhattan NY?!?

WTF?!? Utah School Yearbook Photos Were Altered?

Scientists Now Find A Reliable Way To Teleport Data

Mankind Doomed? Ancient Texts Being Sent To Moon

Author Of The Hunger Games Lives In Sandy Hook?!?

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Solar Freakin Roadways

Grandmas Packing Heat

Officers Push Veteran Home

AF Wife Surprises Firefighters

Patriots Stand And Fight BLM

TheShowmebby Holds Red River

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