The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 106 05/24/2014

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OAS Protesters Off By Just Under 10 Million

Meet The 9/11 Museum’s Absurd Gift Shop

Chipotle Now Bans Guns In Their Restaurants

Restaurant With "No Weapons" Sign Robbed

FBI 'Malware Infected Half-Million Computers'

Ebay Users To Change Password After Attack

Obama Seizes NM Land For National Monument

US To Suspend Mexico Aid Over Jailed Marine

Dems Agree To Participate In Benghazi Probe?

Cheney Says Clinton Responsible For Attack?!

Pope Francis' Israel Visit Guarded By 8K Cops

CIA Cover-Up In What Happened To Flight 370?

FYI 1.8 Million Pounds Of Ground Beef Recalled

FDA 'Jerky Treats From China Make Pets Sick'

How Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Up To 16K HP Employees Dismissed By October

Colorado Marijuana Law Creates 10K New Jobs

AT&T Buys DirecTV For $48.5B To Expand Clout

McDonald's To Buy Touch Screen Cashier Kiosks

Swiss Bank Helps Wealthy Americans Avoid Tax

WTF Feds Used Donations For Poor For Luxuries

$1M Bounty Offer For ‘Smoking Gun’ IRS Scandal

Did Obama Keep Promise To Return 5% Of Salary

Lawyer Emails Suicide Note Before Jumping Death

Obama Killing Vets Obamacare Enrollees Up Next

WTF FBI Chief Says Be Suspicious Of Gov Power

Congress Reaffirms NDAA Indefinite Detention?!?

EFF Is Dismayed By Gutted USA FREEDOM ACT

Native American Facing Charges For Inverted Flag

Video Of Chicago Cops Caught Brutalizing Woman

California Police Caught On Camera Shooting Man

Buffalo Officers Cover-Up Beating Of AF Sergeant

Texas Man Faces Life Sentence For Pot Brownies

Michigan City Police Ticket People For Swearing?

Should TSA Have Arrest Powers And Be Armed?!

DHS Now Ordering 24M Rounds 357 Sig Ammo?!

Common Core To Make Kids As Gay As Possible

Sex Change Drugs Offered To Nine Year Olds?!?

No Korea Opens Fire On So Korean Patrol Boats

80 From USAF In Chad For Abducted Girls Search

Administration 'China Cited In Cyber-Spying Case'

Blackwater Deployed Over Ukraine Separatists?!?

Thailand Wakes To Military Rule?!? What It Means

Lights In Hawaii Skies Caused By Missile Launch?

Camelopardalids The Best Meteor Shower Of 2014

An Above Normal Central Pacific Hurricane Season

US Honeybee Population Unsustainable Death Rate

Global Warming Scientists Cover Up Skeptics Study

Sajak 'People Concerned Are Unpatriotic Racists'?

Interstate 70 Closed Near Dayton Ohio To Flooding

Sinkhole Opens At Tennessee Austin Peay Stadium

Mag 3.2 Quake SW Of Powhatan Virginia On 05/22

Fishy Situation Causes Quite A Stink In Mar Del Rey

Conspiracy Theories Abound As US Closes HAARP

Caught On Camera Fire At Fukushima On 05/20?!?

Elementary School Pay Potty Rule Outrages Parents

Scientists Create Animals That Are Part Human?!?

Woman Names Her Daughter After A Superstore?!?

UK Discovery 'Starts Race' To Turn Light Into Matter

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