The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 103 05/03/2014

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ALERT - Largest Security Drill In Boston’s History

Top Two Pentagon Intelligence Officials Quitting?!

Benghazi Email News Push For Select Committee

WH Did Tell Susan Rice To Lie About Benghazi?!?

Kerry Subpoenaed By Boehner Special Committee

Nazi Piglosi Derp 'Whatever His Name Is Derp Issa'

Denver Radio Host 'All Racists Are Atheists’ Huh?!?

House Dem Says Criticism Of Obama Is Racism?!?

Explosion Destroys Businesses In Washington Town

Two Dead Many Hurt After Explosion At Florida Jail

Tankers Derail Then Spill And Catch Fire In Virginia

Repair Timetable Unclear After NYC Subway Derails

First Report On MH370 Reveals 4 Hour Search Gap

Video Shows Teens On Sinking South Korean Ferry

Employee Opens Fire Inside Georgia FedEx Center

Boy Shot In Head Son Of Stop Snitching DVD Maker

Chicago Control 30 People Shot Since Noon Friday?

25 Supporters At Nanny Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Rally?

Missouri Senate Joins House To Nullify Fed Gun Con

Holder Cancels Academy Speech On Fears Of Arrest

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Analysts See Solid Steady Job Growth In April 2014?!

17 Facts To Show Anyone Who Believes Economy Ok

Michelle Obama Two Day China Hotel Stay At $222K!

Clinton Under Fire As Boeing Gave Foundation $900K

Report Says Pentagon To Destroy $1B In Ammunition

White House Open Doors Tolls On Interstate Highways

JPMorgan Chase Bank Closes Porn Actors Accounts?

Contractor Says Obamacare Website Fix For $121M?

Guy Posted His Hospital Bill Online Made People Talk

Dallas Ends Water Fluoridation And Saves $1M / Year

19 Year Old Samantha Ramsey Murdered In Kentucky


Rest In Peace Samantha Ramsey (Full Dashcam Vid)

Buffalo NY Police Brutality Video Prompts Investigation

Pennsylvania Police Now Need No Warrant To Search

Police Able To Search Your Phone Without A Warrant?

United States Supreme Court Denies NDAA Lawsuit?!

US Supreme Court Green Lights Detention Of Anyone!

FYI The White House Wants To Issue You An Online ID

Feds Now Want To Scour Net Media For Hate Speech

Tennessee Officer Fired After Choking Student Photos

Ex-Cop Dies After Attacking Blogger’s Hot Dog Stand

Texas Teacher Took Away Bible During Reading Time

Hawaii Stops Students From Handing Out Constitution

Holder Has Authorized Drone Strike On Bundy Ranch?!

Obama Signs Executive Order To Legalize BLM Grabs

Feds To Consider Taking Alaska Tribal Land Into Trust

Schneider To Stigall 'We Are Sliding Towards Fascism'

WW3 Alert - Ukraine Enacts Compulsory Military Draft?!

New Russia Sanctions As Kiev Warning Of World War 3

New US Sanctions On Russia Start As Of Monday 04/28

Russian Diplomat Detained In Ukraine Spying To Leave

31 Dead After Explosions At Baghdad Iraq Election Rally

NY Times Fabricated Evidence On Iraq / Syria / Ukraine?

Islamic Extremists Execute Two Men In Most Public Way

United States Inciting Civil War In Venezuela To Get Oil?

Feeling Left Out North Korea Detains American Tourist?

Lil Kim Urges Soldiers To Ready For Impending Conflict

Rescuers Struggle To Help Afghans In Massive Landslide

Mass Damage As Tornado Outbreak Hits South Cen US

Arkansas / Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Kills 17 People

Landslide Swallows Several Cars On Street In Baltimore

YouTube Video Of Baltimore Landslide (Watch Till End!)

Crazy Massive Flooding Submerges Pensacola Florida

Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Adds To The Sea Level

Mag 6.7 Quake Hits NW Ile Hunter New Caledonia 05/01

Mag 5.6 Quake Hits Off East Coast Honshu Japan 05/02

See The Biggest Solar Flares Of 2014 Sun Storm Photos

Spectacular Night Sky Photos April 2014 Stargazing Gall

Distant Galaxy Threw Star Cluster Our Way At 2M MPH?!

The Greatest Mystery Of Our Age Nibiru / Planet X Review

Minnesota Man Was Convicted Of Premeditated Murder?

Arizona Man Claims Its His Islamic Right To Kill His Wife?

People Apparently Using Popular Lip Balm In Unusual Way

South Carolina Man Was Strolling Naked Through Walmart

Two New Orleans Men Robbed Of Cash / Chicken / Beer?

WTF? Hook Up Truck Hits The Streets Of San Francisco?

World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw Free Air

Semi Driver Hits Bridge In Oregon Blames GPS LMAO!

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Couple Married At Bundy Ranch

Man Asks Anchor Out Live On Air

26 Faces In Everyday Objects =0)

30 Cats Have Mastered Sleep-Fu

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