The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 097 03/22/2014

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Australia Checking Objects In Search For MH370

Sky News Reports Objects May Be MH370 Debris

Malaysian Investigators Conclude MH370 Hijacked

General 'If Plane Crashed Would Have Sent Signal'

Delta Loses Wing Panel During Flight 'Broken Plane'

Toronto Subway 9/11 WTC Ad Campaign Launched

WH Press Secretary Gets Questions Before Briefing

No Reporters On Michelle Obama's Trip To China?!

Over 800 Protest Proposed Gun Control In Vermont

New York Owners Burn Weapon Registration Forms

Tennessee Republicans Kill Second Amendment Bill

Idaho Gov Butch Otter Signs Campus Carry Into Law

Georgia To Allow Guns In Bars / Churches / Airports

So Carolina Pub Insults Owners With Offensive Sign

Two Dead In Media Helicopter Fiery Crash In Seattle

Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Dies

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Week

Banker Jumps In Finance World’s 8Th 2014 Suicide!

Mick Jagger Girlfriend Found Hanged From Doorknob

Putin Has Nuclear Economic Bomb Says Jim Sinclair

Ukraine Gold Reserves Said Being Flown To NY Fed

US Sells Strategic Oil Reserves First Time In 24 Years

Obama Team Gives Up On Making Obamacare Work

Obamacare Premiums Set To Skyrocket Very Soon?!

Premiums Are Rising Faster Than Eight Years Before

Obamacare Leaves Vegas Man Owing $407K In Bills

Obamacare Defender Now Says “I Feel Like A Dupe"

Ares Armor Refuses To Give Customer List To Feds

Feds Raid Ares Armor Despite Court Order WTF ?!?

Homeless Vet Baked To Death In 100+ NYC Jail Cell

Baby Taken After Authorities Find Medical Marijuana

Swat Terrorize College Dorm Over A Fake Sword ?!

DHS Conducts Unannounced School Lockdown Drill

Police Take Cash Without Charging You With Crime?

LA Cops Argue All Cars In LA Are Under Investigation

March Against Police Brutality Broken Up In Montreal

NYPD Slaps 452 With Jaywalking Tickets In 2 Months

Oklahoma Sheriff Walk Out After Senator Says Disarm

Obama Relinquishes United States Control Of Internet

Turkey Blocks Twitter After PM Threatens To Wipe Out

Congress Challenged By Obama Admin What A Joke

Russia Sanctions US As Obama Expands Penalties?

Russia Lawmakers Ask Obama To Impose Sanctions

20 Russian Troops Storm Ukraine Warship In Crimea

Tanks And Trenches To Defend Ukraine From Russia

Ukraine Servicemen Leave Navy Base In Sevastopol

Joe Biden Says We Will Respond To Any Aggression

Libya Takes Control Of North Korea Flagged Tanker

Navy Seals Now Control North Korea Flagged Tanker

North Korea Fires Short Range Rockets South Says

Netanyahu Orders IDF Prep For Possible Iran Strike

CIA Suspends Chief Of Iran Operations Over Issues,0,2858175.story#axzz2wDoiXppy

Mid-East And WW3 News At ENDGAME Blogspot

Welcome To The First Day Of Spring 2014 Equinox

Giant Asteroid Could Hit Earth In 2014 (CNN 2003)

Mag 6.7 Quake Hits Off Chile's Pacific Coast 03/16

Mag 4.4 Quake In Sepulveda Pass California 03/17

ALERT Yellowstone Buffalo Running For Their Lives

Over 800 People Disappeared From Fukushima ?!

16 Year Old Sneaks To Top Of World Trade Center

Woman Tries Box Cutter On Husband's Penis WTF

5 Year Old NY Girl Spends Day At Wrong School?

Burbank Couple Saves Falling Child With Mattress

Hawaiian Police Can Have Sex With Prostitutes ?!

South Carolina Inmates In Rap Video Posted Online

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