The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 089 01/25/2014

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Florida Republican Says Obama Should Be Hanged

Obama Says Folks Don’t Like Me Because I’m Black

Low Helicopter To Perform Super Bowl Security Tests

Russia Calls US To Counter Olympics Roadside Bombs

Warships Are Part Of US Contingency Plan For Olympics

DHS Fears More Black Widow Bombers Hiding In Sochi

Two Trains Collide One Derails Near Weber Canyon Utah

Train Derails On Bridge Over Schuylkill River Philadelphia

FBI Joins Search For Missing WSJ Reporter David Bird

Court Says Bloggers Have First Amendment Protections

Sean Penn Calls Gun Collection Cowardly Killing Machines

Restrictive CCW Correlated With Increase In Gun Murders

Fed Judge Rules Downloader's IP Address Is Not Identity

Nurse Sues Hospital And Govs For $100M Over Flu Shot

DOW Plunges 318 Points To Drop 3.5% For The Week

Push 'Reset' Button On The World Says WEF Founder

Suspended Debt Ceiling Is Playing With Fire Jan 2013

Mega Default In China Now Scheduled For January 31

ATM Security Alert As Microsoft Prepares To Kill Off XP

If You Got Email From Target What You Need To Know

Target Tells All Part-Time Workers To Get Obamacare

Health Care So Flawed Could Bankrupt Insurance Cos

Security Expert Hacks Obamacare Website In 4 Minutes

Holder Says Banks Should Be Able To Handle Pot Money

Pro-Life / Pro-Gun Conservatives Have No Place In NY ?!

NY State Senator Says Psych Eval For All Little Children

Illinois Unveils Proposed Marijuana Rules (Must Read)

27 Year Old Woman Suing LAPD Over Sexual Assault

Obama Says He Did Not Know Extent Of Surveillance

Tennessee Files Legislation That Takes Aim At NSA

Washington Considers Cutting Off Electricity To NSA

Tracking Internet Searches To Predict Next Outbreak

FEMA Chemical Contamination Op On Food Supply

Iranian Diplomat Gunned Down In Yemen Drive-By

Iran Reportedly Sends Two Warships To Atlantic Ocean

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME Beginning Of WW3

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More Brutal Cold On The Way For The United States

The Sun Has Gone To Sleep Temperatures To Plunge

Frigid Temps During Sinkhole Repair Downtown Detroit

Large Bursts Occur At Volcano Lava Lake In Hawaii

Mag 5.9 Quake Off Hihifo Tonga 01/20 / No Tsunami

Big LA Quake Could Cripple Internet And Cell Service,0,201284.story#axzz2rOW8xZeE

Fiery Object Spotted In Sky Over Dillon Montana 01/22

Mysterious Booms In Colonial Heights Virginia 01/19

China Now Televising The Sunrise Because Of Smog

Murder Suspect Allegedly Bit And Chewed Man's Face

Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers Into Human Fish

AMC Theater Calls Feds To Arrest Google Glass User

Google Contact Lens Could Be Option For Diabetics

Court Affirms Mans Right To Get Sex Change In Prison

Twin Toilets Photo At Sochi Olympics Goes Viral ?!?

Teleportation Of Objects From One Location To Another

Amazon Shipping Items Before They're Even Ordered

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TheShowmebby Does It Live In Texas

Woman Confronts Her Abusive Teacher

Boy Dies Trying To Save Family From Fire

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