The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 088 01/18/2014

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Surviving A Nuclear Explosion In Your City WTF ?!?

16 Nuclear Missile Launch Officers Accused Of Cheating

34 Nuclear Missile Launch Officers Accused Of Cheating

DHEC Confirms Nuclear Plume Moving Off Barnwell Site

Low-Fly Helicopter To Test Radiation Levels In Baltimore

FYI State Department Issues Alert Over Winter Olympics

Hundreds Reported Sick After W Virginia Chemical Spill

Tyson Recalls 33K Pounds Of Chicken Over Salmonella

Judge Sentences Advocate Adam Kokesh To Probation

Bailing Out Health Insurers And Helping Obamacare ?!?

Democrats Now Agree To A $9 Billion Food Stamp Cut

Obama Daughters Listed As Senior Staff In Africa Trip

First Lady O Will Not Rule Out Plastic Surgery Or Botox

Obama College Records Released Aid As Foreigner?

Police Officer Carries Sign To Catch Traffic Violators?

NSA Collection Does Little To Prevent Terrorist Attacks

ACLU Appeals Decision Upholding NSA Surveillance

Report Says NSA Maps Pathway Into Computers WTF

NSA Can Access Computers Via Radio Waves HUH?

California Gun Law Paves The Way For Confiscation?

Missouri Bill Turns Gun Owners Criminals Over Schools

United States Military Begins Testing $27K Smart Rifles

Government SWAT Teams Target Rugged Individuals?

Oklahoma City Police Beat Deaf Man For Not Obeying

Texas Homeschooled Children Removed From Home

Syria Rebs Turn On Radical Group Tied To Al-CIA-da

Lil Kim Target Of Assassination Attempt GLP Thread

Israel Air Force Nationwide Exercise Tuesday 01/14

FYI US To Deploy 12 F-22 Stealth Jets To Japan ?!?

China Conducts Test Of High Speed Missile Vehicle

Iraq Two Years After US Withdrawal Worse Than Ever

St Louis Area Elderly Woman Found Frozen In Driveway

Enormous California Wildfire Looks Like Hell On Earth

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake Sways Buildings In Havana

Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Off Puerto Rico North Coast

Thousands Of Fish Dead In Nevada Marina A Mystery

Walthall Co Family Discovers Mysterious Hole In Yard

Cheesepocalypse Near As Kraft Runs Low On Velveeta

Police Search For Alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert WTF

Woman Gets 9 Days For Bleach In Husband's Eye Drops

I70 Mile Marker 420 Becomes 419.99 To Thwart Thieves

Low Flying Planes Spraying Greenish Fog Over Miramar

How Could A Passenger Jet Land At The Wrong Airport

Breaking News - Passenger Spills Beans On How =0)

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  1. Here is a music video that goes great with the video about the air plain that landed at the wrong air port.. Here is the link below.