The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 087 01/11/2014

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Canadian Railway CEO Apologizes After Train Derailment

Four Crew Killed On USAF Helicopter Training Exercise

Explosion At Japanese Chem Factory Causes Causalities

Radioactive Japanese Cars Banned From Entering Russia

Mysterious Substance In Water In NW OKC Neighborhood

Chem Levels In W Virginia Water Drop But No End To Ban

Girl Falls Asleep 30 Times A Day After Receiving Flu Vac

Bedroom Invading Smartphones Jumble Sleep Rhythms

Chicago's Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional By Fed Judge

Gun Company Rejects Deal Over Concern For US Troops

Former Defense Sec Gates Criticizes Obama In Memoir,0,2290362.story

Obama’s Catch-Me-If-You-Can Gov On Most Corrupt List

Family Of Man Held In NK Appalled By Rodman Outburst

December Jobs Report Is Very Drunk Just Like Rodman

The Poverty Level Under Obama Breaks 50 Year Record

Here's How Much It Costs To Buy Weed In Colorado Now

First Class Stamps To Cost 49 Cents As Of January 26Th

You’re Footing The Bill For Michelle Obama’s Vacation

Norway Parliament Stockpiles Now 1M For Each Person

9/11 Fraud Case Accuses Retired NY Cops / Firefighters

The Police State In Review 2013 From Police State USA

Judge Rules 100 Mile Constitution Free Border Zones Ok

State Group Defends Officer Action In Teen Shooting Death

Using Mirrors To Show Police What They Have Become =(

FBI Can Activate Your Webcam Without Light Turning On

'We Have GPS In Your Car So We Know' Says Ford VP

Miami Politician Files Complaint Against Local Reporter

Motorola Tattoo To Read Thoughts By Unvocalized Words

Nuke Launch Officers Tied To Drug Probe Says Official

United States Sending Extra Combat Unit To South Korea

Iran Blatantly Defies Five Key Geneva Pact Commitments

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME Beginning Of WW3

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Solar Storm Arrives Could Cause Problems For Satellites

Great Display Of The Northern Lights Wednesday Night

Polar Vortex Storm Blamed For At Least 21 US Deaths

Polar Vortex Strange Ice Balls Appear On Lake Michigan

Mysterious Loud Booms Baffle Central Virginia Residents

Mysterious Loud Booms Reported In Fond Du Wisconsin

Mysterious Loud Booms Reported In Yorkshire England

Mysterious Loud Booms Reported In Moore Oklahoma

Officials Reject Concerns Over 500% Radiation Increase

Radioactive Reality 01/10/2014 By NibiruMagick2012

Man Stopped For Speeding In Ohio Had 48 Bombs ?!?

Teenager Slices Off Penis While High On Meow Meow

Fidel Castro Shows Up After Months Out Of Public View

The Star Wars Phone That Lets You Talk To Holograms

California Crop Circle Revealed As Nvidia Market Stunt

9/11 Story Crumbles As Washington Blames Saudis

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Restaurant Owner Sells Business To Help Employee

Detroit Police Chief Says Gun Owners Deter Crime

Pack Your Bags One Year Later By James Yeager

12 Gauge Bullpup By FPSRussia (Watch In 1080P)

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