The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 086 01/04/2014

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Coldest Air In Decades In US Midwest And Northeast

H1N1 Outbreak In Ann Arbor Patients Are Very Very Ill

Massive Fireball From North Dakota Oil Train Derailment

413 Murdered Americans In 2013 In The Chicago Area

Anti-Second Amendment Dem For Ohio Supreme Court

Vigilante Groups In Oregon After Cuts To Sheriff Budget

FAA Now Approves Six 'Delivery By Drone' Test Sites

Reminder A New Light Bulb Ban Kicked In 01/01/2014

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes 16,469 On Week

Senator Wants Refunds For UPS / FedEx XMas Delay

Obamacare Whopper 2014 Tightening Grip On Doctors

Obamacare Non-Compliance Bill Introduced In Georgia

Here Are Eight Ways You Can Opt Out Of Obamacare

Mad Patients Walk Out Of Hospitals Without Treatment

Obama To Americans 'You Don't Deserve To Be Free'

New Executive Actions On Gun Background Checks?!?

New California Gun Law Steps Over 'Line In The Sand'

Connecticut Owners Register Firearms And High-Caps

LAPD To Deploy Drug Swab Test At DUI Checkpoints

St Louis City Now To Become A DUI 'No Refusal Zone'

Info Overload NSA Can’t Make Sense Of All The Data

NSA Building A New Super-Computer To Own Internet

Judge Upholds Right To Search Electronics At Border

China Rejects Shipments Of Genetically Modified Corn,0,2126813.story

Afghanistan War Arguably Most Unpopular In US History

Benghazi Whitewash Attempt Not Just Wrong But Futile

Lil Kim's Uncle Stripped Naked Then Fed To The Dogs

Wife Of Lil Kim Has Not Been Seen In Over Two Months

First Asteroid Discovered In 2014 Hits Our Atmosphere

Mysterious Loud Boom Rattles Corpus Christi Texas?!?

Global Warming Scientists Forced To Admit Ice Defeat

Fraud Climate Change Expert Sentenced To 32 Months

Sun Flipped Upside Down New Magnetic Cycle Begins

Chaparrastique Volcano Erupts Prompting Evacuations

Peak District Sinkhole Appears In Foolow Derbyshire

Truck Falls Into Massive Sinkhole On Big Island Hawaii

Blackbirds Dead New Year’s Eve In Beebe Likely Extinct
Story Was A Sick Hoax, Derp... Sorry About That...

Fracking Hot North Dakota Man Sets Tap Water On Fire

UFO Sightings Reported Tuesday Night Across California

Connecticut Man Killed Mother Mutilated Body Say Police

Girl Trapped In Washing Machine Playing Hide-And-Seek

Mystery Object In Seattle Tunnel May Be Giant Fossil?!?

'Military-Style' Raid On PG&E Power Station Spooks US

Michelle Obama “Going It” Alone? Divorce In The Works?

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