The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 085 12/28/2013

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In Hawaii Obama Wants Uninterrupted Vacation

United States ARMY Says Do Not Say Christmas

VA Hospital Refuses To Accept Christmas Cards

Snowden Broadcasts Channel 4 Christmas Message

NSA Leaker Snowden Says Mission Is Accomplished

Fed Gov Admits Warrantless Spying In California Court

Federal Judge Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal

Man Throws 3 Year Old Son And Himself Off NYC Roof

Millionaire Jumps To His Death After Giving To Charity

Nuclear Freight Wagon Derails Near Paris No Leaks

743,000 Gardasil Shots Recalled Over Glass Particles

Devastating False Flag Attack Event Coming Our Way

Fights Break Out At Shoe Stores Over Air Jordan 11s

Chase Opens Sunday To Deal With Target Card Hack

Outdated Magnetic Strips US Credit Card Security Lags

Homeland Security Preparing For Next Wall St Collapse

11 Year Old Can Not Sell Mistletoe But Allowed To Beg

Obama Has Staff Sign Him Up Through Health Exchange

Opposition To Obamacare Now Soars To Record High

Senate Passes NDAA Via Fast Track Obama To Sign

Search Warrants Based On Predictions Of Future Crime

Armored Tank For Town Sparks Fear And War Of Words

LAPD Command Post Just What Do They Do In There?

Police Zip Tie 5 Year Old And Charge Him With Battery

Parents Lose Custody After Seeking 2nd Med Opinion

Brown County Sheriff Office Lawsuit Over Inmate Death

Nurse Fired For Refusing Flu Shot Over Unborn Child

CNN Thinks The People Want Security Over Freedom

Far From Happy Christmas For Christians In Holy Land

So Korea Warns Of Merciless Response To No Korea

US Rushes Drones And Missiles To Iraq Over Al Qaeda

Drone Survival Guide Informs New Breed Of Predators

Emergency Christmas Eve ISS Spacewalk A Success

Thousands Left Without Power Across US And Canada

Arkansas Tornadoes Injure Five Damage Many Homes

Bright Light Streaking Across Iowa Sky Remains Mystery

Large Meteor Streaked Through The Mid-Western Skies

Scientists Warning Super Volcano Time Bomb Imminent

Next Armageddon Date Set For 03/21/2014 Be There!

The Saudi-Sized Cracks In The 9/11 Wall Of Silence?!?

Court Says 9/11 Suit Can Proceed Against Saudi Arabia

Birmingham Surgeon Branded Initials On Patient's Liver

Pope Francis Declares Adam And Eve Are A Fable?!?

The Mystery Red Dust Blankets Southeast Texas Cars

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