The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 084 12/21/2013

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Obama Says 2013 Wasn't Worst Of Presidency

Obama Returning To Hawaii For Winter Holidays

One Dead And Two Hurt In Reno Hospital Shooting,0,7235504.story#axzz2nnxsBJZl

Man Holds Car Thief At Gunpoint Until Police Arrive

Seattle Bus Robbery Surveillance Video Released

Rapture Prophet Harold Camping Dies At Age 92

Superbug Bacteria Now Widespread In US Chicken

People Infected Die Of Mysterious Illness In Houston

DOD Official Says Snowden Stole Literally Everything

Merkel Compared NSA To Stasi In Obama Encounter

US ARMY To Cut Up To 4,000 Captains And Majors

More Sailors Claim Cancer From Helping Fukushima

Dow Jones Industrial Average Hits New All Time High

The IMF Now Wants You To Pay 71% In Income Tax

Obama Will Not Negotiate With Republican Terrorists

Senators Fight Cuts To Veteran Benefits Ahead Vote

Congress Stealing From Veterans By ThePatriotNurse

Reports Of Erroneous Wash Health Exchange Debits

Medicaid Fine Print Payback From Estate After Death

Obamacare To Restrict Where You Live And Travel ?!

Target Customers Hit In Credit Card Security Breach

LAPD Police Officers Kill An Unarmed Mentally Ill Man

Durham Teen Shot Self In Head While Hands Cuffed

NY Police Ticket For Washing Car In Own Driveway

5 Year Old Suspended Over Hand Gun Gesture ?!?

The Worst Ever Homeschool Law Proposed In Ohio

Ohio Now Proposing More Tyranny By ThePoliticalPort

Off-Duty Cop Gets Thrown Against Wall And Frisked

Connecticut Gov Signs First US GMO Labeling Law

McDonald’s Closing As Bolivia Rejects Fast Food

US Helicopter Goes Down As N Korea Warns Of War

Lil Kim Jong Un Just Got More Dangerous On XBox

Russia Confirms NATO Border Missile Deployment

US Army Hails Success With Drone Shooting Laser

Google Now Acquires Developer Of Military Robots

CIA Benghazi Team Clash Led Stand Down Report

Stunning Photos Comet Lovejoy Searing Starry Sky

Europa Water Jets Blasting Should Justify Expedition

How America Could End Homelessness In One Year

Incontrovertible Evidence 9/11 Was State Sponsored

Congressmen Shocked Of Foreign State Involvement

Senator Reid Released After Admitted For Exhaustion

Crews Try To Identify Object Blocking Seattle Tunnel

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On The 12th Gauge Of Christmas By T2DarIantan

Merry Christmas From Chuck Norris And Lockheed

A News Reporter By Joanna MaGrath

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