The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 083 12/14/2013

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Dead Colorado School Shooter Wanted Revenge On Faculty

TAC ONE Colorado Lone Wolf Shooter Training 12/14/2013

Interpreter At Nelson Mandela Memorial Branded Fake WTF

Michelle Makes Obama Change Seats Over Denmark's PM

Top Official In Obama Birth Mystery Killed In HI Plane Crash

Brotherhood Supporters Advising Obama Administration ?!?

Three Hurt In Crazy East Texas Area Wal-Mart Hatchet Attack

Knockout Game Man Brutally Beaten After Punching Woman

911 Receives Reports Of Explosion At Arkansas Nuclear One

Highest Ever Radiation Levels Detected Outside Fukushima

Google's Changes To YouTube Laid Bare In Nightmarish Tale

Prolonged Viewing Of Terror Coverage Tied To Acute Stress

Obama’s Speech At Mandela Memorial Cost Taxpayers $5M

Democrat Introduces Bill To Double Gas Tax Then Tax By Mile

Oregon Spends $300M On Obamacare Signs Up 44 People

Obamacare Could Add Big Costs For Volunteer Fire Service

70% Of Calfornia's Doctors Expected To Boycott Obamacare

South Carolina Voting On Bill To End Obamacare Statewide

San Antonio Student Robert Cameron Redus Shot To Death

Texas Jail Staff Allows Diabetic Woman To Die Without Insulin

BB Gun Control NJ Kids Rite Of Passage Could Mean Felony

Army Officer Will Pry Your Gun From Your Cold Dead Fingers

New NSA Report Unearths Spying On XBox Live And Others

Intelligence Agencies Infiltrating World Of Warcraft And More

Law Enforcement Using Methods From NSA On Cell Spying

Look Just How Your LG Smart TV Can Spy On You And Why

New Studies Say Conspiracy Theorists Are The Sane Ones

Few Iowans Now Carrying Real ID But Do You Need One ?!?

Icelanders Overthrow Government And Rewrite Constitution

Italian Riot Police Remove Helmets Join Anti-EU Protesters

Russia Warns Of Nuclear Response To US Strike Program

China Holds Large Scale War Games Near Korean Border

US Seeks Spy Edge With Super-Secret AF Stealth Drone

North Korea Says Leader Lil Kim's Uncle Was Executed ?!?

Mag 4.5 5 Mile Deep Quake Rattles Cen Oklahoma 12/08

Cold Dis-Comfort As Antarctica Sets Record Of 135 Below

Bundle And Watch Geminid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Mars Curiosity Rover Now Finds Life-Supporting Chemicals

Physics Breakthrough Is The Universe A Giant Hologram ?!?

Moron Gunman Robs Family Dollar Fires Shot On Way Out

Police Say Disruptive Man Asked To Borrow Officer's Gun

Man Trapped In Empty Dark Plane Cabin At Houston Airport

Colorado First-Grader Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Search On For Stolen Truck With $120K Worth Of Chocolate

Microphones In The Ceiling And Microchips In Your Head

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Before Its News

St Louis Fire Department

Wibbles The Cat
See Update Below =0(

Wibbles has been laid to rest. The chances of the lump in his chest was 50/50 for cancer and this would mean he would only have a 50% chance of survival after enduring all that pain. The sore on the lump had been licked so much it was a gaping hole. We didn't want to see him suffer anymore.

Rest In Peace Wibbles... =0(

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