The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 082 12/07/2013

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Nelson Mandela Dies At Age 95

Fast And Furious Star Paul Walker Dies In Crash,0,967861.story#axzz2mFiF9BWn

Four Dead In New York Metro North Train Derailment

Metro North Engineer Fell Asleep Before Derailment

14 Year Old Faces Charges In Scott School Standoff

New Haven Student Had Weapon / Shooting Clippings

Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Bronx NY Shooting

Dallas Cowboys Fan Beaten Following Win Over Raiders

Monterey Park FD Apologizes For Alerts Sent To Phones

Fukushima Contamination Throughout Pacific In Five Years

Hackers Steal TW / FB / GM / YT / G+ / Yahoo Passwords

Wall Street Jumps On Jobs Dow And S&P 500 End Lower

Five Key Numbers Behind The November Jobs Recovery

Christmas No Time To Have Lost Insurance Says Obama

Michelle Says We Must Make Sacrifices For Obamacare

FYI Obamacare Website Costs Now Top Over $1 Billion

Detroit Pension Haircuts Allowed Bankruptcy Judge Rules

Iceland Thumbs Nose At International Bankers Once Again

Ukraine Protesters Now Using Bulldozers On Police State

Thailand Protesters Enter Gov Headquarters Unopposed

Secrecy Law Protests Are Act Of Terrorism Says Japan

NSA Collects 5B Cell Phone Location Records Each Day

Guardian May Face Terror Charges Over Snowden Leaks

Church Group Kicked Out Of Park For Feeding Homeless

Texas Boy Tasered By Police Officer Remains In A Coma

Obama To Use An Executive Order To Ban Ammo Imports

Hearing On Presidential Power And Possible Impeachment

US Calls On China To Rescind Zone To Avoid Confrontation

Russian Submarines So Silent US Calls Them Black Holes

Pro Al-CIA-da Lead Suspects In American Teacher Death

Desperate Syrians Allegedly Slaughter Zoo Lion For Food

Pentagon Prepares To Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons

UN Ordered To Kill American Troops Over Their Guns ?!?

Mysterious Booms Now Heard In Southeastern Connecticut

Earthquake Or Sonic Explosions In Northern Pennsylvania

Massachusetts Seeks Fracking Ban After Texas Quakes

Helping Farmers Cope With Climate Change Big Business

Lethal Storm / Tidal Surge Sees Thousands Out Of Homes

Outlook Grim For Beached Whales In Florida Everglades

Marijuana In Wendy's Burger Was Misplaced By Employee

Americans Want Congress Members To Pee In Cups ?!?

Mysterious China Themed City Proposed In NY Catskills

Low Income Unleaded Obama Gas Stations On The Way

Electric Car Owner Arrested Over 5 Cents Worth Of Power

Driverless Car Spotted Driving Itself Down Highway

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Senior Chief Petty Officer Geoff Ross

Detroit Firefighter Brendan Milewski

The Leary Firefighters Foundation

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