The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 078 11/09/2013

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100+ Killed In One Philippine City By Super Typhoon Haiyan

North Texas Tactical Agencies To Be Tested In Massive Drill

2013 North Central Texas Urban Shield By TheShowmebby

FYI - IRS Planned Power Outage 11/09/2013 ~ 11/12/2013

Two Wisconsin Planes Collide Mid-Air Everyone Survives

CN Tracks Re-Open After Train Derails West Of Edmonton

Texas Bridge Collapses After 18-Wheeler Crashes On I-20

Explosive Targets Are A Headache For Missouri Firemen

Adam Kokesh Pleads Guilty To Weapon And Drug Charges

G&A Editor Apologizes For Column Calling For Gun Control

De Blasio Faces Limits Of Mayor’s Power As Gaps Loom

Top Scientist Says Fukushima Will Cause US Evacuation

Food Stamp Cuts Create Demand For Food Bank Supplies

Billionaires Dumping Stocks And Economist Knows Why

NYT Says Obama Misspoke About Keeping Health Plans

Obama Personally Apologizes For Americans Losing Plans

Cancer Patient Losing Health Insurance Over Obamacare

White House Blames Cancer Victim For Insurance Loss

Obamacare About Government Role And Future Elections

Unless Site Is Fixed Many Who Lost Insurance Are Screwed

Terrifying Obama Admission We Are Remaking The Courts

Picture Of Obamacare Official Pace Car (Please Share)

Texas School Throws Out Student Breakfast Over 30 Cents

Dad’s Attempt To Teach Son A Lesson Ends In Tragic Way

Louisiana Police Stun Father As Son Died In House Fire

New Mexico Cops Give Woman Search Without Warrant

NCIS Leader Creating SWAT Teams Over Mass Shooters

Police Chief To Target Anyone Favoring Pot Legalization

Texas Town Cracks Down On Hardened Book Criminals

City To Exile Homeless Not A Conspiracy Theory Anymore

People Who Grow Their Own Food Are Labeled Extremist

EPA Police State Now Bans Most Wood Burning Stoves

Italian Court Rules Vaccine Caused Autism US Covers Up

No Travel If You Owe Back Taxes Or Talk Bad About Gov

FAA Takes Initial Steps To Introduce Private US Drones

UK Retail Giant To Use Face Scanning For Tailored Ads

John Kerry Arrives In Geneva For Iran Nuclear Talks

North Korea Progress On Ballistic Missile To Strike US

Blasts At China Regional Communist Party Office Kill One

Christians Left In Mass Graves By Obama Armed Rebels

Orbiting Satellites Detected X3-Class Solar Flare 11/05

Strongest Flare Of 2013 Erupts From Sun 11/05 (Video)

Mag 6.2 Quake SE Of Neiafu Tonga / No Tsunami 11/02

Quake Outbreak Temblors Rock Central Oklahoma 11/03

CO2 Injections Likely Culprit In Texas Quakes Says Study

Falling Satellite Expected To Hit Earth Within A Few Days

Astronauts See Fiery Death Of Space Station Cargo Ship

FAA Says Fireball In Texas Sky Likely Meteor (Old Story)

Bright Fireball Lights Up Sky Over San Diego 11/06

Asteroid Impact Risk Is High Russian Explosion Reveals

Russian Fireball Shows Meteor Risk May Be Bigger

Recent Discoveries Of Three Large Near-Earth Objects

Hubble Spots Asteroid With 6 Tails Baffles Astronomers

Snowstorm May Join Arctic Cold In The East Next Week

Lady Gaga To Sing In Space Via Virgin Galactic Ship

Woman Feels Backlash After Posting Pic Of Costume

McLennan County DA's Gun Discharges At Courthouse

Cross-Strapped Jesus Runs New York City Marathon

Obama Tells Aides He's Really Good At Killing People

Self-Described Biohacker Implants Chip In His Own Arm

Power Bacon Scented Deodorant By J&D’s Foods

Upset Family Wants Justice For Criminal Son LMAO

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Woman Bares Breasts To Protest TSA Check

Support An Orwellian Police State By Mark Dice

My Thoughts On Google Plus By Emma Blackery

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