The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 081 11/30/2013

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Man Shot Over TV On Black Friday

Amazon Workers Increased Risk Of Mental Illness

Explosion Rocks Pipeline Company In Central Missouri

NATO Launches Largest Ever Cyber-Security Exercises

DWI Mayor Of New York Town Threatening Police Officers

Shelby County Area Leaders Involved In Public Sex Acts

The NSA Is Now Tracking Your Online Porn Browsing

Secession Movement Growing In Two Surprising States

The Michigan Supreme Court Now Upholds Open Carry

Lawsuits Prompt Bay Area Sheriffs To Issue CCW Permits

NFL Rejects Super Bowl Commercial From Gun Company

Woman Sentenced To 20 Yrs For Warning Shot Released

Lawmaker Wants 25 Years Jail Time For Knockout Game

USA Today Joins White House Media Boycott Over Photos

Washington Times Sues Homeland Over Seizure Of Notes

'2016' Obama Plans To Take America Down Is Now True

Could Porn Sites Have Answers To Fixing Obamacare Site

Obamacare Billing Code For Executions And Beheadings

How The Dow Jones Industrial Average Did On Weeks End

US House Approves $5,000 Fee For Official Drilling Protest

Gun Confiscation Notice NY Resident Reportedly Received

DOJ Internal Memo Confirms Obama Plan For Confiscation

Philadelphia Now Becomes The First City To Ban 3D Guns

DC Gun Owners To Be Fingerprinted To Renew Registry

Embracing How Facial Recognition Could Help Fight Crime

Biometric Classroom Monitors Students Eye Movements

Texas Cop Accused Of Raping Woman During Traffic Stop

Massachusetts Cops Kill Unarmed Iraq War Vet At Home

Nurse Calls Mom A Loser For Not Vaccinating Her Child

Mother Claims Son Was Killed By Flu-Shot After 24 Hours

Amish Family Hiding To Stop Forced Leukemia Treatment

GMO Linked To Gluten Disorders Plaguing 18M Americans

Mountain Man Found Guilty And Hauled Away In Handcuffs

US B-52s Flew Over Controversial China Air Defense Zone

China Flies Fighter Jets Into Zone Japan Remains Defiant

Pentagon Prepared To Defend US Planes In Defense Zone

China Willing To Engage Confrontation Japan Prime Target

Chinese In Japan Now Told To Register For Emergencies

China Rejects South Korea Demand Over Air Defense Zone

Report Says Israeli Military On High Alert After Iran-US Deal

Iran Now Rejects US's One-Sided Version Of Nuclear Deal

Iran Says White House Lying About Details Of Nuclear Deal

No Need For European Missile Shield If Iran Deal A Success

Syrian Government Air Strikes Kill 29 Says Activist Group


Comet ISON Makes It Around The Sun / LASCO C2 Tight

Comet ISON Makes It Around The Sun / LASCO C3 Wide

Comet ISON Barely Survives Thanksgiving Solar Roast

Florida Dad Says 7-Year-Old Hit By Meteorite Fragments

Loud Mysterious Boom Heard Over Montreal Canada

Loud Mysterious Boom Heard Over Verde Valley Arizona

Loud Mysterious Boom Heard Over Itawamba Mississippi

At Least 8 Dead And Dozens Hurt In Southern Iran Quake

About 35 Volcanoes Are Currently Erupting Across Globe

China Going To Moon And NASA Very Concerned About It

26-Foot Long Squid Discovered Lurking Underneath Oil Rig

Just In Time For Thanksgiving Obama Exposes Area 51?!?

Woman Bomb Threats Because She Was Late For Court

Norfolk Virginia Police Warn Of Alarming Clown Epidemic

Terminator Robots To Take Over The Battlefield By 2023?

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Epic Speech By Matt Damon

Common Core Exposed In Katy Texas

Texans Against Common Core Facebook Group

CNN / MSNBC Lose Half Their Viewers In One Year

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