The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 080 11/23/2013

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Remembering The President Who Told The Truth

Obama Opens Day Of Tributes With Freedom Medals

Essay Says Tea Party Has Roots In The Dallas Of 1963

Dems Weaken GOP With Major Filibuster Rule Change

Nuclear Option Not What Founders Had In Mind In 2005

MSM Photographers Protest White House Restrictions

Obama Approval Rating Sinks To New Low In CNN Poll

United States General Says Let's Make Obama Resign

List Of Names In Military Purge Of Officers GLP Thread

50 Dead As Passenger Jet Crashes In Central Russia

2 Dead In Learjet Crash Off Coast Of Fort Lauderdale

George Zimmerman Allegedly Points Gun At Girlfriend

George Zimmerman's Girlfriend Is An Eric Holder Plant

Jury Sentences Soldier At Center Of Gun Rights Debate

YT Founder Asks Why We Need Google+ To Comment

S&P Posts For Seventh Weekly Gain As Dow Tops 16K

Russian Lawmaker To Outlaw US Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Treasury To Issue $1T In New Debt First Weeks Of FY14

2000+ Trucks Block French Highways In Protest Of E Tax

Barack Obama Now Wants His Name Off Of Obamacare

Second Wave Of Health Plan Cancellations Now Looms

Right Wing Cyber Attacks On Healthcare Site Confirmed

Doctors Concerned About Pay Scales Under Health Law

Russell Simmons Says Obamacare Already Saved Lives

Hospital Holds Teen For 9 Months Won't Let Her Go Home

Justice For Jan Fighting For The Truth About Mothers Death


Military Training Exercises Underway In Phoenix Skies

Oakland Moves Forward With Plan For Surveillance Plex

Homeland Security Must Disclose Internet Kill Switch Plan

America's Plan To Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere

TSA Now Installing Exit Portals Detention Pods At Airports

Fast And Furious Grenades Just Another Obama ATF Op

Ready To Lose More Freedom Over The 'War On Terror'

San Diego Police Issued Facial Recognition Bio Scanners

New Gun Regs Brewing While Obamacare Hogs Spotlight

Moms For Gun Sense Pressuring Staples To Ban All Guns

Longer School Days Are In Store For Some In Five States

School Book Says White Voters Rejected Obama Over Race

Mom Gives Kids Homemade Lunch School Forces Crackers

Man Arrested For Trying To Pick Up His Kids From School

Battle Creek Michigan Police Shoot Teen Holding Toy Gun

Mom Of Alleged Teen Shoplifter Accuses Police Of Brutality

New Mexico Police Shoot Into Fleeing Minivan Full Of Kids

Corrupt Brazil Politicians May Serve Time After Convictions

Iran Nuclear Drive Directly Threatens Israel Future Says PM

Israel Now Starting To Consider 'Day After' Iran Agreement

Israel Needs New Friends As US Link Weakened Says FM

Netanyahu Lobbies In Russia As Putin Keeps Cards Close

Basij Forces Start Massive Wargames In Iranian Provinces

400 Surface To Air Missiles Taken During Benghazi Attack

Satellite Imagery Reveals Chinese Desert Mystery Supergun

31 Syrian Soldiers Killed In Bomb Attack Says Mon Group

Suspected US Drone Strike Kills At Least Five In Pakistan

US War Readiness In Jeopardy As Air Force Pilots Flee

Malfunctioning Drone Hits US NAVY Ship During Training

Rumbling Sky As Tornadoes And High Wind Hit Midwest

High Wind Tractor-Trailer Accident Closes Poplar St Bridge

One Killed Several Missing After Floods Hit Saudi Capital

Van Falls In Maunawili Sinkhole Second Plagues Salt Lake

7.4 Mag Quake Hits Grytviken Georgia / Sandwich Islands

Indonesia Volcanoes Erupt Prompting Evacuation Warnings

VolcanŠ¾es Under Antarctica Ice May Erupt Says New Study

Volcano Raises Brand New Island Far South Of Japan

Comet ISON Could Cause Biggest Explosion On Record

Comet ISON Realtime Gallery (Click Picture For Hi Rez)

Scientists Witness Gamma-Ray Burst Don't Understand It

Nighttime Rocket Launch Tues Visible From East Coast

California Now Forces Porn Stars To Wear Goggles

Nude Goddess Of The Train Stops Chicago Red Line

Man Buys House Next To Ex-Wife Erects Middle Finger

Peanut Butter And Jelly Is Racist Says Portland School

Bibles Labeled As Fiction At Costco Pastor Challenges

Cargo Jet Takes Off After Landing At Wrong Airport

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New Track By Michael Lombardi

YouTube / Google Plus Integration By Lisa Irby

Samsung Pays Apple With 30 Trucks Of Coins

America's Gun The Rise Of The AR-15

The Rise Of The AR-15 (Full Program)


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