The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 079 11/16/2013

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Attack Ravages Power Grid Just A Test

Family Friend Blames Power Outage For Twins Death

9/11 Style Attack In LA May Be Imminent Says Anonymous

Two Secret Service Supervisors Under Misconduct Probe

Senior NAVY Civilians Investigated In Scheme To Defraud

Four Marines Killed In Camp Pendleton Training Accident

Plane Crash Kills Son Of Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe

Southwest Pilot Tells Passengers 'We're Going Down'

Search For Man Who Fell Off Plane Done For The Night

NC Man Busted In FBI Sting Attempting To Join Al-Qaida

It's Official World Trade Center Is USA's Tallest Building

Stratfor Hacker Jeremy Hammond Gets Ten Years In Jail

Man Won't Serve Prison Time For Raping 14-Year-Old

Newtown Pistol Permit Applications Skyrocket This Year

Texas Company Makes Working Gun From 3D Printer

Google's Recent YouTube Fiasco Isn't Just About Privacy

Obama Booed At Missouri / Tennessee Football Game

Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes At Record High

49.7M Now Poor And 80% Of Population Near Poverty

NYC Food Bank Says 40% Of Vets Need Assistance

Earlington Kentucky Mayor Lays Off Only Police Officer

President Obama Still Wants To Cut Social Security

DHS Committee To Explore Bitcoin Potential In Hearing

CNN Blames Christians For Obamacare Problems

Obamacare Website Fewer Than 50K Have Enrolled

Americans 34 Times More Interested In Buying Guns

White House Throws Water On Keep Your Health Plan

More People Trust Fox News For Info Than Obama

Third Target Of Body Cavity Searches Comes Forward

TSA Passenger Behavior Screen Program Criticized

Seattle Police Get Network To Track Wi-Fi Devices

Vegas Street Lights Can Record Your Conversations

Air Force Chemtrails Manual Available For Download

ANG Drone Worth Millions Crashes Into Lake Ontario

Biometrics Researchers See World Without Passwords

Google Seeks Patent For A Lie-Detecting Neck Tattoo

Ames Police Dashcam Video Of 11/04 Fatal Shooting

Global Nuke Conflict Between US / Russia / China Likely

Al-Qaeda Linked Reb Mistakenly Behead Fellow Fighter

US Building Chem Weapons Destruction Plant In Kentucky

Last Shipment Of Nuclear Fuel From Russia Heads To US

Thousands Now Dead In Typhoon-Ravaged Philippines

Two Homes Collapse Into Sinkhole In Dunedin Florida

Earthquake Swarm Shakes East San Francisco Bay Area

What Are These Two Giant Lines In The Philadelphia Sky

Sun's Magnetic Field Will Flip Soon Says

Asteroid With Six Tails Spotted By Hubble Telescope

Comet ISON Now Visible To Naked Eye After Outburst

India's First Mission To Mars Launched Tuesday 11/05

Students Win Dress Comp Wearing Twin Towers Outfits

Dog Brings Home Human Leg In Western Washington

Proteus Digital Health Wants To Put Bluetooth In Meds

Open Carry Texas Like Taliban Might Shoot And Rape?!?

Suspects Gun Has Backward Loaded Magazine LMAO

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Passengers Protest For Blind Man

Communicate Without The Internet

MPD Motorcycle Officer Goes Racing

MPD Motorcycle Officer Goes Racing (Follow Up)

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