The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 077 11/02/2013

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Man Shoots And Kills TSA Agent At LAX

Paul Anthony Ciancia Name Of LAX Shooter

Did The TSA Know LAX Attack Was Coming

Food Bank CEO Warns Of Riots Over EBT Cuts

Europe Mulls Sanctions Against US Over Spying

Newtown Residents Relieved By School Demolition

NYC Council Votes To Make Tobacco Buy Age 21

Kraft Recalls 735K Cases Polly-O String Cheeses

McDonald's Ending 40 Year Relationship With Heinz

DOW And S&P 500 Close At Record Highs 10/29

China Preparing To Declare Financial War On US

Carney Admits Some Will Lose Existing Med Plans

More Than 2M Getting Booted From Existing Plans

Notes Show Paltry Initial Enrollment In Obamacare

Michelle Classmate Executive At Obamacare Web

Your Share Of The National Debt Is Now $1.1M

US Roads To Be Funded By Black Box Tracking

Paralyzed Detroit Firefighter To Lose Benefits

Top Generals Say Obama Purging The Military

SEALs Ordered To Remove Don’t Tread On Me

DARPA Now Developing Drone Mounted Lasers

Drone Flying Without Ever Leaving The Ground

Facebook Prepares To Track Screen Cursors

Facebook Can Predict When You Get Dumped

DHS Buys More Weapons To Use On Americans

DHS Orders 240K Pepper Projectiles / Launchers

Florida Cop Tasers Cuffed Girl Now Braindead

Police Can Now Track Baddies With GPS Bullets

NSA Broke Into Yahoo And Google Data Centers

$75B Goes To Mandatory Gov Controlled Preschool

Fed Raid On Reporter's Home Raises Questions

AL Deputies Beat And Arrest Corruption Reporter

FL Sheriff Arrested For Protecting 2ND Amendment

Sheriff Nick Finch Found Not Guilty And Reinstated

Ten Car Bombs Suicide Bombing Kill 49 In Iraq

Japan Accuses China Of Jeopardising Peace

Israeli Strike Hits Russian Missile Shipment In Syria

Rebels Conduct New Chemical Attack In Syria

Polio Outbreak In Syria Calls For Vac Ceasefire

Friends No Longer Trust Us Nor Enemies Fear Us

DHS Considering Lifting Ban On Libyans Training

Halloween Storm Impacts Great Lakes To Gulf

Storm Lashes Northern Europe Leaving 13 Dead

6.3 Mag Quake 45Km SSW Of Hualian Taiwan

Bayou Corne Sinkhole Size Expected To Double

Meteor Spotted Over Oregon Morning Of 10/30

Comet ISON Perplexing Performance En Route

Government Preparing For Major Natural Disaster

Sean Penn Wants Tea Partiers To Be Committed

Ted Cruz’s Dad To Send Obama Back To Kenya

Pope Says Ideological Christians A Serious illness

Google Mystery Barge Revealed As Showrooms

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