The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 074 10/12/2013

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Reps And Obama Have Productive Meeting

Starbucks Petition Urges Lawmakers To Wake Up

Obama Signs Bill To Pay Military Death Benefits

War Memorials Closed While Illegal Immigrants Rally

CDC Can't Track Salmonella Because Of Shutdown

Furlough Foul-Up Affects 20,000 Hawaii Workers

Truckers Roll Ahead With DC Beltway Protest

Truck Convoy Protest Causing Traffic Problems

Ride For The Constitution Updates And Pics

Reward Offered In Power Grid Attack Investigation

Hot Air Balloon Crashes After Hitting Power Line

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Wins Peace Prize

Pilots Warn Of Dry Run By Possible Terrorists

Fukushima Workers Doused With Radioactive Water

Bluefin Tuna Caught In California Are Radioactive

Facebook No Longer Lets Users Hide From Search

Dow Closes High On Signs Of Budget Progress

Obama Nominates Janet Yellen To Lead Fed

Mayor Gray Warns DC Running Out Of Money

Shutdown Halts DC Lottery Prizes

World Bank Says Debt Debate Could Be Dire

Fresh Concerns For America's Housing Market

MSNBC Speechless By Obamacare Admission

Health Care Nav Provides Info On Credit Scores

Detroit Mayor Gets 28 Year Sentence For Corruption

School Districts Sue To Block Obamacare Penalties

Obamacare Mandates Personal Info Go To Police

Grand Canyon Cites People For Entering Park

Without Government Permits We Can't Fish

Obama Administration Most Secretive Since Nixon

Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact

ATF Tries To Block Whistle-Blowers Book

FEMA Camp Round Up Begun With Homeless

Excessive Force Used On Chicago Woman

Man Shot By Police In Georgia After Med Call

Student Suspension For Patriotic Decorations

Middle School Bans Footballs And Other Items

Facebook Picture Tells The Story =0(

Vast New NSA Data Hub Suffering Meltdowns

North Korea On Alert Warns US Of Disaster

North Korea Slams New South Korea / US Pact

Israel Holds Flight Exercise Ahead Of Iran Talks

Taiwan Fears China Invasion By 2020

NAVY Admiral Fired From Nuclear Command

Air Force General In Charge Of ICBMs Fired

4.5 Mag Quake Off US East Coast

Scientists Warn Of Mass Extinctions In Oceans

Temperatures Go Off The Charts Around 2047

First Evidence Of Comet Striking Found In Egypt

Weird Shift Of Earth's Magnetic Field Explained

Space Station Crosses The Sun In Amazing Photo

9-Year-Old Sneaks Onto Plane Flies To Vegas

Burial Vaults Exposed After Cemetery Collapse

Man Shooting Heroin Crashes Into Police Cruiser

Passengers Too Distracted By Phones To See Gun

Is That A Kid In The Shopping Cart?

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