The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 072 09/28/2013

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US Signs Australian Treaty To Control Small Firearms

Canada Refuses To Sign UN Arms Trade Treaty

Senator Says Politics Have Reached Civil War Levels

NSA Official Sidesteps Queries On Cellphone Locations

Swat Team Awaits Answers On Navy Yard Shooting

Twitter Introduces Alert System For Emergencies

Governor Cuomo Unveils Texting Zones In NYS

Humanity Threatened For Many Years Over Fukushima

Fights Break Out At Apple Store Over iPhone Release,0,6671988.story

Family Hosts Homeless Dinner After Wedding Called Off

Banking Holiday In Panama Announced

Feds Offer Broke Detroit $100M To Fight Blight

Detroit Spent Billions Extra From Pensions

$67M Missing From Obamacare Slush Fund

IRS Lois Lerner Forced Out For Neglect Of Duties

Obama Slams GOP For Trying To Blackmail Him

Obamacare Provision To Allow Forced Home Inspections

Muslims Can Opt Out Of Health Care Reform Laws

Justice Department Spent Nearly $5M On Drones

Air Force’s New F-16 Drone Makes Debut In Air

Brazil's Rousseff Blasts US Spying As Breach Of Law

FEMA Region 3 Body Bags And Coffins

Cam Catches Cop Taking Second Amendment Sign

Cops Accused Of Forcing Woman To Delete Video

Children In Long-Term Solitary Confinement

Outrage Forces Mayor Not To Fly Chinese Flag

Gun-Control Moms Nag Starbucks Into Change,0,4261120.story

Charges Dropped On Dad Over Common Core

Police State Child ID Kit Event In Tucson 07/29

Obama Talks With Iran President But Not Republicans

Assad To Blind Israel Claims To Trust Hezbollah,7340,L-4433583,00.html

Suicide Bombers Kill 81 At Church In Pakistan

Twin Attacks On Army Kill 40 In Yemen

N Korean Coast Guard Opens Fire On Russian Vessel

Syria Chemical Arms Data Scrutinised By Watchdog

Russian War Games On Baltic Border Spark Fears

Muslim Brotherhood Moves Media Office To London

US Army Looking To Contractors For African Ops

Theft Of Weapons In Libya Involved Hundreds Of Guns

US Air Force Dropped Bomb On North Carolina

7.7 Mag Quake Kills 350 Creates Island In Pakistan

Pakistan Quake Island Emits Flammable Gas

Earthquake Swarm Rocks Yellowstone

9.7 Mag Quake To Hit West Coast 10/03

OEM Conducting Drills For Overdue 9+ Mag Quake

Comet ISON In Sight Says Amateur Astronomers

Comet ISON Break-Up Chances Increase Exponentially

Wyoming Meteor Seen For Over 500 Miles

Meteor Spotted In Texas Sky Last Saturday Evening

World Won't Cool Without Geo-Engineering

FEMA 72 Hr Survival Kits For Every Student In US

30 Large Dolphins Beach Themselves In Brazil

Brain Amoeba In Tap Water May Be Tied To Katrina

Popular Bathroom Wipes Blamed For Sewer Clogs

Obama Pick For State Dept Chief Once Shot Own Foot

Criminal’s Family Whines Homeowner Didn’t Warn Him

Amish Mafia Bending Rules In Amish Lifestyle

Man Discovered Floating On Pot In The Ocean

Spider Webs Cover North Texas Overnight

Many Injured By Swarms Of Giant Hornets In China

Researchers Come Close To Fusion

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