The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 071 09/21/2013

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Chicago Shooting Leaves 13 Injured

Chicago Passes NYC As US Murder Capital

Indianapolis Officer Fatally Shot Gunman Killed

Ottawa Bus-Train Crash Kills 6 In Commuting Horror

Series Of Bomb Scares Has Staten Island On Edge

Yahoo CEO Fears Defying NSA Could Mean Prison

CDC Says Antibiotics At End As Bacteria Out-Wits

Deadly Fungal Disease Outside Pacific Northwest

Costa Concordia Rolled Upright After Complex Op

Unlucky Thugs Target Texas Man With Carry Permit

Carjacking Victim Shoots Two Car Thieves Killing One

Tony Blair's Daughter Threatened In Gun Robbery

Gun Groups So Far Unfazed By Starbucks New Policy

Stocks Are About To Plunge Wells Fargo Warns

House Passes Spending Bill To Defund Obamacare

Franchise Owners To DC Plead For Obamacare Relief

Home Depot Drops Big Obamacare Surprise On 20K

Obamacare Employee Sends Out 2400 SS Numbers

White House Gets Ready For Gov Shutdown

Raising Ceiling Does Not Increase Debt Says Obama

Five Years After Crash Economy No More Secure

Truckers To Protest Obama By Shutting Down 3 Days

Dollar No Longer Primary Oil Currency (Old Story, Sorry)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Breaks Records Making $800M

Times Square Shooting 2 Reported Shot By Police

Unarmed Man Looking For Help Shot By Charlotte Police

Toledo Cop Holds Entire Family On Ground With Taser

Supreme Court Just Eliminated The Fifth Amendment

California College Says No Handing Out Constitution

Illegally Arrested For Openly Carrying Pistols In Texas

NSW Graffiti Laws To Also Outlaw Hopscotch Squares

FBI Calls Half Of Populace With 9/11 Doubts Terrorists

Did Obama Just Waive Ban On Arming Terrorist Groups

Obama Breaks Arms Export Laws Over Syrian Rebels

Convincing Evidence Of Syria Chemical Attack Says UN

Russia To Give UN Proof Of Syria Rebel Chemical Use

Obama Should Weigh Bombing Syria Says McCain

Gates And Panetta Question Obama Syria Strategy

Obama Says Iran Shouldn’t Misinterpret US Response

Iran Calls For Dialogue And End To Rivalries

Letter From US Army Officer To United States People

US To Test Nukes Same Day UN Holds Nuke Meeting

Strongest Storm Of 2013 Heading For Hong Kong

Powerful Typhoon Downgraded After Lashing Japan

5.3 Mag Quake Hits Japan Crippled Nuclear Plant

More Than 1,000 Unaccounted For In Colorado Floods

Cloud Seeding Not To Blame For Colorado Flooding

More Than 100 Deer Found Dead West Of Missoula

New Info On Dolphins Washing Ashore In Virginia Beach

Earth Gains Record Amount Of Sea Ice In 2013

Top Climate Scientists Told To Cover Up Temperature

Extreme Space Weather Sparks Satellite Failures

Strength Of Gravity Shifts This Time It's Serious

Matthew Harrell Believes He's Killed A Chupacabra

Decades Old Bodies Found In Oklahoma Lake

Texas Man’s Beer Gut Turns Food Into Alcohol

NASA Offering Big Bucks To Stay In Bed

We'll Be Uploading Our Entire Minds By 2045

Infomercial King Kevin Trudeau Out Of Jail

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