The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 070 09/14/2013

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AL-CIA-DA Calls For Attacks Inside United States

The White House Visas For Terrorists Program

NSA Shares Raw Intelligence Data With Israel

Outrage Over Timing Of Logan Airport Drill

Reality Check More Americans Are Rethinking 9/11?

Chipotle Runs Out Of Black Beans Customers Lose It

Park Service Lied About Permit For 9/11 DC Bike Ride

Colorado Voters Deal Blow To Gun Control With Recall

53 Homicides 224 Shot In August In Rahm's Chicago

Florida Girl Found Dead After Bullies Said Kill Yourself,0,1429218.story

Georgia Teen Gets Life Plus 105 Years In Infant's Killing

Dow Closes Best Week Since January

Dow Index Drops Bank Of America / Alcoa / HP

Smithfield Receives Approval For Chinese Takeover

First Amendment Alert Senate Set To Define Journalist

Monsanto Protection Act Quietly Extended By Congress

Texas State Troopers Arrest Legally Armed American

SWAT Team Kills Deaf And Blind 107 Year Old Man

Drone Hunters Lining Up To Shoot Down Drones

Police Stop Prince At Gunpoint At Buckingham Palace

37 Dead In Psychiatric Hospital Fire In Russia

Iraq Closes Airport In Second Largest City

UN Team Finds No Proof On Chemical Weapons

US Won’t Seek UN Approval For Strike If Syria Reneges

US Military Housing Chemical Weapons In Kentucky

Egypt Army Launches Offensive Against Sinai Militants

Egyptian Soldiers Killed In Sinai Bombing

Massive Flooding Hits Colorado After Record Rain

Water Spouts Spin Over Lake Michigan Near Wisconsin

Sinkhole Swallows Work Pad And More Trees

Ferrari Of Space Set To Fall To Earth

NASA Loses Contact With Deep Impact Spacecraft

Comet ISON Offers Doomsday Deja Vu

Comet ISON A UFO Scientists Do Reality Check

Fireball In Russia Far East Puzzles Sky Watchers

NASA Identifies Asteroids To Move To Moon Orbit

Voyager 1 Spacecraft Has Left Solar System

Florida Christian Charity To Choose Jesus Or Cheese

Woman Catches Fire Attempting To Film Dance

Did UFO Visit Vancouver Canadians Baseball Game?

Mysterious Figure Roaming In Swiss Woodland

Trayvon Martin Med Examiner Attorney $100M Suit

Zimmerman Wasn't Armed During Domestic Incident

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