The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 069 09/07/2013

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Boiling Sea Off Japan Coast Near Fukushima

Fukushima Radioactive Water Filters Taken Offline

Japan Unveils Ice Wall Plan For Fukushima Leaks

Cancer Causing Chemical Found In 98 Shampoos

1 Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Killed As Parents Push Stroller

Man Says Robbers Dumped Him From Wheelchair

Iowa Farmer Kills Man Holding Them As Hostages

Robber Tries To Stick Up Clerk Who Is Iraq Veteran

Anti-Gun Colorado Dem Calls Self-Defense Absurd

Ford Recalls Cars Because Of Steering Shaft Issue

Chobani Conducting Voluntary Recall Of Greek Yogurt

Chinese Poultry Processors To Export Meat To US

DC Police To Arrest Tourists With Empty Bullet Casings

DC Police Slam Into 2 Boats On Potomac River

America's Largest Rocket Launches Top-Secret Spy Sat

Boston Marathon Victim Inks Book Deal

Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Dead In Cell

Americans Hostages Of The Terrorists Of Wall Street,0,2187850.story

Obama Commemorates Labor Day With $23K Dinners

Detroit Billionaires Get Arena Help As City Suffers

Detroit Pension Funds Misspent Says Report

$1.2B In California Jails Never Been Completed

Microsoft Buys Nokia Phones And Patents For $7.2B

Fusion Centers Collect Info On Non-Threatening Groups

Critics Blast New Common Core Education Standards

Students Taught Gov Is Family That Should Be Obeyed

Homeschool Raid On Family Viewed As Terror

Parents Sue After Children Taken Over Marijuana

Farmers Challenging Monsanto Patent Claims

EU Plans To Fit All Cars With Speed Limiters

State Trooper Draws Gun On Undercover Cops

Lindsey Graham Says Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists

Lindsey Graham Warns Of False Flag Nuke Strike

Mock Terrorists Reach Nuke Material In Facility Drill

Obama Cancels West Coast Trip Over Syria Crisis

Obama Prepares To Wage Offensive First-Strike

Pentagon Ordered To Expand Potential Targets In Syria

Chinese And Russian Warships And Marines To Med

Chinese Ships Visit Hawaii For Exercises With US

US Intercepts Iranian Order For Attack On Iraq Interests

Iran Threatens Brutal Attacks On Americans Over Syria

Russia Warns Against Visiting Countries That Extradite

Reports Of Another Gas Attack In Syria

Syria Video Turns The Debate On US Intervention

Footage Of Chemical Attack In Syria Is Fraud

Egypt’s Interior Minister Survives Assassination Attempt

Egypt's Morsi Indicted In Protesters' Killings

Obama Is Muslim Brotherhood Says Egyptian Media

M6.9 Quake Off South Coast Of Japan

M6.5 Quake Off East Coast Of Indonesia

M6.5 Quake Off South West Coast Of Alaska

M6.5 Quake In Guatemala Close To Mexico Border

M6.2 Quake Off Vancouver Island Canada

M6.0 Quake Off Costa Rican Coast

M4.1 Quake In East Texas US

Fracking Practices To Blame For Ohio Quakes

Fireball Outshines Moon Over American Southeast

Intense Sun As Parked Cars In London Start To Melt

Military Practice Bomb Lands In Bar Parking Lot

Notification Error Alerts Aurora Residents To Explosion

3D-Printed Rocket Part Passes NASA Test

Russian Cosmonaut Resigns Space Station Command

Gator Hunters Catch 727-Pound Alligator

Woman Pulled Over For Breastfeeding On Moped

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