The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 068 08/31/2013

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Obama Says Syrian Gov Carried Out Chemical Attack

Obama Set For Limited Strike On Syria As British Vote No

Cameron Loses Commons Vote On Syria Action

Operation Blackjack Slide (Put Side By Side With Above)

UN Weapons Inspectors Leave Syria A Day Early

US Deploys Fifth Warship Near Syria,0,502572.story

Russia Sends Warships To Med As Syria Tension Rises

Attack On Syria May Cause Massive Damage To US

Larouche Pac Says Pass Glass Steagall

Report Says DNA Test Verified Bin Laden Identity

Oil Rig Explosion Near Victoria TX

8-Year-Old Louisiana Boy Shoots Caregiver

IED Detonated At War Memorial In Coos Bay OR

Chicago Faces First Test Of Safe Passage Routes

New Poll Declares Texas As Nation's Least Fav State

No Charges For Texas Father Who Killed Molester

Teacher Who Raped Student Gets 30 Days Jail

Snowden Reveals Black Budget Of $52.6 Billion

NSA Officers Use Spying Power On Love Interests

YouTube Video Responses Going Away On 09/12

Facebook Friends Could Change Your Credit Score

Syrian Reconstruction Fund 04/26/2013 ?!?

Pentagon Labels Founding Fathers As Extremists

Administration Announces New Gun Control Measures

Obama To Use Executive Action On Gun Control

Study Says Gun Bans Don’t Reduce Murder Rate

SWAT Teams Shut Down Neighborhood In Colorado

Police Threaten Arrest For Charity Feeding Homeless

New Illinois Law Makes Flicking Cigarette Butts A Felony

Family Sues Miami Beach Police Over Taser Death

Justice For Down Syndrome Man Who Died In Theater

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

ENDGAME WW3 On Facebook


Mexico City Quake Warning Awakens Residents

No Tsunami After 7.0 Mag Quake Off Alaska

Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows More Trees

Volcanic Geyser Erupts Close To Rome Airport

Mysterious Underground Fire Perplexes Alaska Town

Moon Water Discovery Hints At Mystery Source

Magnetic Monster Found Lurking Inside Dead Star

Earth Life Likely Came From Mars Study Suggests

Zombies Needed For Drone Terror

Note Left From Training Exercise Evacuates Building

Ted Nugent's Wife Takes Gun To Airport

Miniature Human Brain Grown In Lab

First Human Brain-To-Brain Interface

Man Drilled Into His Own Head Says Police

CERN Develops Cancer Zapping Radio Beam

GM Says Almost Driverless Cars Coming By 2020

Polish Woman Wants To Have Sex With 100K Men

Dear Daughter Let Miley Cyrus Be A Lesson To You

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