The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 067 08/24/2013

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Bradley Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In Prison

NSA Surveillance Reach Broader Than Acknowledged

NSA Collected Coms With No Terror Connection

US Gov Asked To Prove Osama Bin Laden Death

Fukushima Tank Leaking Highly Radioactive Water

Japan To Raise Toxic Water Leak Warning To Serious

West Coast To Be Hit Hard By Fukushima Radiation

1,600+ Homes Evacuated In Idaho Over Wildfires

Many Hurt In NJ Naval Weapons Station Explosion

No Injuries In Pipeline Explosion In Pittsburg County

B-1 Bomber Crashes In Southeast Montana

WWII Vet Beaten To Death By Teens In Washington

DHS Employee Under Fire For Promoting Race War

Kindergartner Brings And Shoots Gun At School

Mystery Spray Causes Sickness At Texas Walmart

Google Outage As Internet Traffic Plunges 40%

Facebook Aims To Connect 5 Billion More To Net

Nasdaq Resumes Trading After 3-Hour Shutdown

Student Loan Debt Relief Industry Draws Scrutiny

UPS Cuts Insurance To 15K Blames Obamacare

Let's Tax The Sun New Law Shocks World Press

Obamacare Provision Will Allow Forced Inspections

Feds Building Squad To Target Consumers

Arizona Police Taser Then Kill Man On Roof

Texas Police Hit Organic Farm With SWAT Raid

Surveillance Cameras Installed In Utah School Buses

Columbia South Carolina Criminalizes Homelessness

Reports Of Chemical Attack Near Damascus Syria

1,300 Killed In Chemical Attack Near Damascus Syria

Israel Gave Chemical Arms To Al-Qaida In Syria Attack

Egypt Cancels Mass For First Time In 1,600 Years

Massive Hovercraft Lands On Crowded Russian Beach

Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Trees

Apparent Sinkhole Swallows Water From Ocala Pond

Sun Fires Solar Storm Directly At Earth

Strong Magnetic Storm Hits Earth On 08/22/2013

Volcano Erupts In Japan Largest Eruption In Decades

Time-Lapse Video Captures New Zealand Eruption

Mag 6.2 Quake Shakes Mexico City

UN Now More Certain Humans Drive Global Warming

NASA Reactivating Spacecraft In Hunt For Asteroids

Gun Enthusiast Finds 300lbs Of Pot Stashed In Safe

Cops Distribute Doritos With Message At Hempfest

Police In Vegas Say Plot To Kill Officers Thwarted

Nerf Gun Fight At School Prompts Lockdown

Blood Test May Predict Risk Of Suicide

Ohio Man Dies For 45 Mins Then Comes Back To Life

Warp Drive Reality With Quantum-Thruster Physics

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