The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 066 08/17/2013

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Area 51 Officially Acknowledged

Egyptian Protestors Push Armoured Van Off Bridge

Turmoil In Egypt Puts Obama In Foreign Policy Bind

Montagraph Prediction Video

UPS Crash Pilot Member Of Jack Daniels Family

Al Qaeda Intercepts Raised Great Concern

Air Force Nuclear Unit Fails Key Security Test

Nation's Nuclear Facilities Vulnerable To Attack

Space Fence Shutdown Will Weaken Orbital Surveillance

House To Impeach Obama But Not Sure Of Charges

Gmail Users Have No Expectation Of Privacy

Taxpayers Who Renounce Citizenship At Record High

New Apocalypse Deadline August 23, 2013

Radioactive Water Overruns Fukushima Barrier

Quicksand At Fukushima Reactor Units May Topple

Dow Slips To Worst Week Of 2013

California Economist Says Real Debt $70 Trillion

Obamas' Dog Arrives On Own Flight For Vacation

Not A Real Journalist Unless You Draw A Salary

DHS To Conduct Combat Drills In Texas Capital

Threat Letter Was Sent Out By Mistake

Disabled Vet Kicked Off Boardwalk Over Service Dog

DPS Reinstates Trooper Fired Over Cavity Search

Ohio Man Dies After Stunned During Police Scuffle

Vaccine Developer Comes Clean So She Can Sleep

Israel Outlaws Water Fluoridation

Spy Trash Cans Barred From Tracking People

Judge Says Stop And Frisk Policy Violates Rights

Obama Describes Putin As A Bored Kid

Indian Sailors Killed In Submarine Explosion

Hezbollah Carried Out Lebanon Border Blast

400 U.S. Missiles Stolen In Benghazi

Mag 6.5 Quake Hits Central New Zealand

Meteor Explosion Dust In Atmosphere For Months

Alien Planet Eclipse Seen In X-Ray Light

100K People Apply For One-Way Trip To Mars,0,2707284.story

Boy’s Prayer To Obama Posted On YouTube

Michelle Obama To Release Hip-Hop Album

Texas Family Discovers Baby Monitor Hacked

Geek Squad Posted Customer's Nude Photos

Switzerland Opens Drive In Sex Boxes

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