The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 065 08/10/2013

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U.S. To Re-Open All But One Diplomatic Post

Al-Qaida Threat Led To Lollapalooza Changes

Al-Qaida Developed Liquid That Turns Clothes Into Explosives

U.S. Agents Cover Up Program Used To Investigate Americans

Smart TV Security Flaw Let Hackers Turn On Cameras

Bradley Manning's Sentence Reduced To 90 Years

Small Plane Hits Home In Connecticut,0,7936860.story

Hazardous Materials Train Derails In Louisiana

Plane Over-Runs Runway In Niigata Japan

Fire Guts Kenya's Main Airport Chokes Regional Gateway

FEMA Turns To My Patriot Supply

Man Kills 3 In Pennsylvania Town Hall Meeting

Firefighter's Widow Fights For Benefits In Arizona

Firefighters Killed In West Blast Still Heroes After Toxicology

U.S. Debt Six Times Greater Than Declared

Small BIz Can't Avoid ObamaCare By Going Part-Time

NAVY Drops Plans To Repair Fire Damaged USS Miami

Tennessee Jail Sells E-cigarette To Inmates

Kentucky Emergency Chief Resigns After Audit

Homeland Security Exercise Taking Place In Austin

Miami Teenager Dies After Being Tasered By Police

NYPD Officer Kills Armed 14-Year-Old Boy

Colorado Renters Told To Toss Guns Or Move Out

School To Use Hair Test To Screen For Alcohol Use

FBI Pressures ISP's To Install Surveillance Software

DHS Taps Generals To Run Domestic Drone Program

DOJ Investigates DEA Raids Using NSA Surveillance

ObamaCare Fines Hospitals That Treat The Uninsured

Rain Tax Struck Down In Michigan

Mock U.S. Town Built At Fort Chaffee Arkansas

Diplomatic Rift With Putin Grows As Obama Cancels

Drone Strikes Kill Militants In Yemen

U.S. Special Forces Headed To Yemen

India-Pakistan Talks In Jeopardy As Soldiers Killed

Muslim Brotherhood Protesters Pose For Cameras

6.0 Mag Quake Shakes Northeast Japan

Large Sinkhole Discovered In Western Kansas

Chelyabinsk Meteorite May Have Gang Of Siblings

Sun's Magnetic Field Is About To Flip

Magnetic Flip Won't Doom Earth Scientists Say

Man Kills Wife Then Posts Photo On Facebook

Man Charged After Rubbing Toast On Neighbor's Car

Man Caught Having Sex With Pool Raft

Cardboard Cutout Of Cop Deters Crime

Racist Obama Fan Runs Boston Globe Truck Off Road

Robot Programmed To Fall In Love Goes Too Far

47 Story Skyscraper Has No Elevator

This Is What Wi-Fi Looks Like

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