The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 063 07/28/2013

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Plane Landing Gear Smashed On Landing In NY

Dozens Killed In High-Speed Train Derailment In Spain

Rig In Ruptured Well Off Louisiana Collapses

U.S. Considers Salvaging Bombs From Barrier Reef

Snowden Plans To Settle And Work In Russia

Oath Keepers Places Pro-Snowden Signs In DC Area

The Other Not So Happy George Zimmerman

Democrat Sheila Jackson Says Duty To Retreat

SEAL's Dad Says Obama Sent Son To His Death

Obama Dismisses Scandals As Phony

Cries Of Betrayal As Detroit Plans To Cut Pensions

Postal Service Looks To End At-Your-Door Mail

Cop Fired For Speaking Out Against Ticket Quotas

The Rise Of The Warrior Cop

Feds Tell Web Firms To Turn Over User Passwords

White House Incentives For Cybersecurity Compliance

Obama Orders Stepped Up Effort Against AIDS

Groundbreaking New Study Links GMO To Leukemia

Valet Parked Cars Searched Under TSA Regulations

NYC Bans Food Donations To The Homeless

Drop-Side Cribs Now Illegal To Sell

Asian Jets Intercept Russian Strategic Bombers

Pentagon Delays Sale Of F-16s To Egypt

6.6 Mag Quake Hits China

Unable To Find Bottom Of Louisiana Sinkhole

Cliff Collapse Caught On Video

Long Tail And Strong Gas Emissions From ISON

Outburst From Potential Comet Of The Century

NASA Observation Flights Over Southern Hemisphere

Woman Falls To Her Death At Six Flags Over Texas

Three Hour Flight Delay Caused By Swarm Of Bees

Maglev Tech Company Plans For Connecting World

Guy Tries To Rob Gun Store With Baseball Bat

Florida Airport Evacuated Over Depleted Uranium

Pope Causes Mob Scene When Car Made Wrong Turn

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