The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 062 07/20/2013

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Obama Says Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me

Justice For Trayvon National Day Of Action 07/20/2013

Florida Mom Gets 20 Years For Firing Warning Shots

Eric Holder Says Time To End Stand Your Ground

DOJ Puts Hold On Zimmerman's Gun

Zimmerman Suit Could Cost NBC Millions

Radio Host Offers Rachel Jeantel Full Ride To College

Air Force Drone Crashes And Explodes In Florida

Colorado Town To Consider Drone Hunting License

FAA Warns Public Against Shooting At Drones

Gun Rights Activist Adam Kokesh Released

Adam Kokesh To Run For President To Abolish Gov

Rolling Stone Cover Story Stirs Controversy

Detroit Files For Bankruptcy Protection

TSA Expands Faster Screening To More Travelers

Giuliani On Correctness And Domestic Terrorists

ACLU On Mass License Plate Reader Surveillance

Police License Tag Cams Draw Fire

Detroit Police Arrest Free Press Photographer

Gestapo Cops Barge Into Home Over Uncut Grass

Russia In Largest War Games Since Soviet Era

Putin Says War Games Show Russia's Military Power

U.S. Considering Use Of Force In Syria

Britain To Stop Al-Qaeda Grabbing Chem Weapons

CIA To Back Study On Ways To Hack Global Climate

20 Miles Of Parkway Closed Due To Large Crack

7.2 Mag Quake Hits South Sandwich Islands Region

7.3 Mag Quake Shakes Antarctica

HAARP Facility Shuts Down

Shocking Video Of Comet ISON Causes Panic

Comet ISON Faces Risky Road

Tool Could Detect Earth-Like Life On Mars

Man Says I Did What Joe Biden Told Me To Do

Zombie Virus Unleashed At Boy Scout Jamboree

MSNBC Analyst Dead From Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Million Muslim March For 9/11 Truth

Follow The Pope's Tweets To Shorten Purgatory

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  1. I am labeled a sex offender. I sincerely ask you to evaluate the legality in sex offender laws in the U.S. Are they discriminatory? Are they above and beyond the sentence given? Should they legally be abolished? Do they actually protect society? I ask this not because of my sex offense and would like to see them abolished, but because the media focuses so much energy on "us" as a great danger to society; however, the studies on sex offender recidivism are greatly flawed: and Most of us "sex offenders", who go through treatment, are far less of a threat than reported through the media: and The sex offender registry promotes "legal" vigilantism toward sex offenders. In essence, the registry places a bull’s eye on sex offenders, gives residences a loaded rifle, points them in the correct direction, but says "don't shoot." (At least while we are looking, that is -,, and Furthermore, does the sex offender registration actually “protect” the public? This man, if he were still alive, would say “NO!” This family probably does not agree with the registry either -
    One more thing. Read the comments from people about the deaths of two sex offenders. It is sickening. The government and media promote this type of aggression without any thought or care to the safety and well-being of American citizens! Yes, I committed a sex offense over 12 years ago, but I AM NOT A SEX OFFENDER. Sex offender denotes currently offending. I am no longer the threat. The question needs to be… who is?

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