The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 061 07/14/2013

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KTVU News Trolled By The NTSB (MUST SEE)

KTVU News Issues Apology For Report

Many Missing After Train Derails In Quebec

Homeland Security Chief Napolitano To Resign

Bin Laden Raid Files Purged From Pentagon Computers

Snowden Unveils NSA Satellite SAURON

Moscow Cuba Plane Detour Sparks Snowden Speculation

Snowden Says U.S. Blocks Asylum At Airport Meeting

Adam Kokesh Charged After Raid

Adam Kokesh Now Held Without Bond

Natural Gas Leaking From Well Off Louisiana Coast

Oil Prices Rise As U.S. Crude Stockpiles Shrink

Gas Prices Expecting Another Surge Soon

Illinois Enacts Nation's Final Concealed Gun Law

Lawmaker Demands National Guard Patrol Chicago

Executive Order For Gov Employees To Spy On Co-Workers

NSA Has Inserted Code Into Android OS

AT&T Joins Verizon And Facebook In Selling Customer Data

Delete Doesn't Mean Delete On Facebook

Eyeball Scanning Coming To A Middle School Near You

RFID Tile The World's Largest Lost And Found

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

ENDGAME WW3 On Facebook


7.2 Mag Quake Off Papua New Guinea

Geologists Studying New Madrid Seismic Zone

Comet ISON Meteor Shower Coming January 2014

Hubble Spots Blue Planet Where It Rains Glass

Roswell UFO Anniversary Gets A Google Doodle

Strange Planes Landing At U.S. Air Force Bases

Carrier Ship Smashes Into Marina In Norway

Patient Wakes As Doctors Ready To Remove Organs

How Human Brains Could Be Hacked

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