The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 056 06/08/2013

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PRISM Secret Gov Data Mining Program

PRISM Secret Gov Data Mining Program (Backup Link)

Gov Spy Agency Collects Records On Verizon Customers

Judge Orders Google To Turn Over Customer Data To FBI

Gov Surveillance Far Beyond What You Are Being Told

Obama Says If You Can’t Trust Gov Then We Have Problems

Six Dead In California Shootings Along With Gunman

Seven Injured After Explosion At New York College

Mayhem In The City 25 People Shot In 48 Hours In NYC

Boston Fire Chief Quits Amid Criticism

New Al Qaeda Video Urges Boston Like Homeland Attacks

U.S. Ambassador To Libya Killed By Lethal Injection

Obama Names Susan Rice As National Security Adviser

DOW Closed Up 207 Points On May Jobs Report

Day At Disneyland Now More Than $90

Rival Football Fans Join Forces In Turkey Protests

Explicit Evidence Of Turkish State Violence

Bilderberg 2013 Welcome To 1984

Graham Isn't Sure If Bloggers Deserve First Amendment Protection

Man Tasered Attempting To Save Infant Son From House Fire

Cop Fired After Dash Video Shows Him Running Over Man

14 Year Old Choked By Police Over Dehumanizing Stares

Students Suspended For Using Nerf Guns At school

11 Year Old Suspended For Merely Talking About Guns

Harassment Of A Police Officer To Be A Crime

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

ENDGAME WW3 On Facebook


Three Storm Chasers Die In OK Tornado

21 Dead Left In Wake Of Severe Storm System

Space Weather On Par With Tornado Threat NASA Chief Says

NASA To Launch New Sun Watching Satellite This Month

Tropical Storm Andrea Forms In The Gulf

German Town Sees Worst Flooding In 500 years

Quakes Kill 2 In Taiwan Injure 33 In Philippines

No Tsunami After 5.3 Quake Off Big Island

Midwest City Sinkhole Among Significant Road Damage

Sinkhole Swallows Swimming Pool In FL

Abandoned Pressure Cooker Leads To Bomb Scare

LAPD Caught In Intense Armed Standoff With Call Of Duty Statue

Domino's Tests Drone Pizza Delivery

Scientists Create Device That Tears Hole In Time

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Global Health Alert By 4MINGTHOUGHTS

Gun Kid Foils Home Invaders

Actress Jean Stapleton

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