The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 059 06/30/2013

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Wall Street Cyber Attack Drill Now Set For 07/18/2013

Feds Worry About July 4 Fireworks Bombs

Millburn Home Invasion Assault Caught On Camera

Homeowner Shoots Home Invasion Suspect In Sun City

Customer Shoots And Kills Robber Outside Atlanta Shop

Gun Rights Rallygoers Confront Police State Actions In Erie

Nancy Pelosi Booed Over Edward Snowden Comments

Snowden Stuck In Moscow As Ecuador Warns On Asylum

Ecuador President Tells U.S. Don't Threaten Us Over Snowden

Bush Era NSA Whistleblower Makes Explosive Allegations

Officials Say NSA Surveillance Helped Foil Terror Plots

Defense Department Blocks All Articles About NSA Leaks

Army Restricts Access To Guardian Over NSA Leak Stories

Gold Breaks Below $1200.00

Atlanta Police Using Traffic Tickets To Fund Pay Increases

IRS Sent $46 Million In Tax Refunds To Atlanta Address

Portuguese Unions Stage General Strike Over Austerity

Senate Passes Historic Immigration Bill

Supreme Court Says No Right To Remain Silent

Female Gets Humiliating Search For Broken Headlight

Teen Arrested Over Sarcastic Comment On Video Game

California Man Faces 13 Years Over Anti-Bank Messages

St Louis Police Want Drones To Monitor City

St Louis Police Want Drones To Patrol Crime Areas

Charge Dismissed NRA T-Shirt Case

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

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Sun Erupts Huge Solar Flare

Louisiana Sinkhole Now Covers 49 Acres

3 Super-Earth Planets Found Could Support Alien Life

Comet ISON To Get Brighter As It Comes In

Russian Meteor Shockwave Circled Globe Twice

Former New England Patriot Charged With Murder

Paula Deen Dropped By Wal-Mart After Today Tears

Trayvon Martin Supporters Make Shocking Threats

Illiterate Witness Rachel Jeantel Victim Of Fluoridation

Official Says Water Quality Complaints Act Of Terrorism

Weed Man Arrested For Stabbing Beer Man In Times Square

Christian Discipline Says Spank Wife For Biblical Marriage

Chinese Woman Killed By Runaway Supermarket Trolley

Manchester Egyptian Statue Turns Itself 180 Degrees

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Message To Our Troops By Noah8912

Congressman John Culbertson Schooled By Laurie

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