The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 058 06/22/2013

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U.S. Charges Snowden With Espionage

10 Year Sentence For Soldier Convicted In Data Leak

NSA / CIA Reporter Michael Hastings Killed In LA Crash

British Spy Agency GCHQ Has Access To Global Communications

Bug Exposes Contact Information On Facebook

7 Dead And 41 Wounded In Wave Of Chicago Violence

Oregon Residents Arm Themselves On Glock Blocks

Check Your Freezer 22K Lbs Of Beef Recalled

World Markets Fall After Ben Bernanke Hints At Easing Stimulus

18 Mayors Say Limit Use Of Food Stamps To Buy Soda

Google Acquires Quantum Computer / NSA Data Turned Over To AI

Goggles Block Facial Recognition Algorithms

AOL Rolls Out Emotion Tracking

DHS Claims Billions Of Bullets Purchased Were Clerical Error

House Votes To Curb DHS Ammunition Purchases

Students Suspended After Pretending Pencils Were Guns

Picture Of Obama With A Scary Toy Gun On Father's Day

Corrosive Chemicals In Turkish Police Water Cannon

U.S. Backed Plan To Launch Chemical Weapon Attack On Syria

Iran To Send 4K Troops To Fight Alongside Syrian Regime

Russia Promises To Veto No Fly Zone In Syria

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Summoned To Criminal Court

Kerry Calls Karzai To Defuse Tension Over Taliban

Huge Earth Passing Asteroid An Entirely New Beast

NASA Challenge To Stop Asteroids From Destroying Earth

World's Largest Doomsday Shelter To Open In Kansas

Yellowstone Park Visitors Warned Of Spike In Sicknesses

Section Of Ocean Floor Off Portugal Coast Beginning To Fracture

Sinkhole Swallows Cab Of Semi-Truck In Kansas

Solar Storm Risk To North American Electric Grid

Two Dead In Calamitous Alberta Flooding

Celebrate Lunar Largeness As Planetary Holiday

Crisis Actors Needed For Coming Political Events

Today I Learned Cap'n Crunch Is A Liar And Fraud

Chewbacca Actor Battles TSA Over Light Saber Cane

One Page Could End The Copyright War Over Happy Birthday

Day-Care Worker Charged With Drugging Children

Florida Fishermen Reel In $2.5M Bale Of Cocaine

Highly Credible Info Led FBI To New Hoffa Dig

Sarah Palin On Syria Says Let Allah Sort It Out

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Brazil Protesters Have My Full Support

Massive Protests In Brazil By Tenebroust

Leary Firefighters Foundation To Assist Detroit FD

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