The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 057 06/16/2013

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Senator Feinstein Says NSA Leaker Committed Treason

House Speaker Boehner Says NSA Leaker Is A Traitor

Officials Joking NSA Leaker Should Be Disappeared

Icelandic Legislator To Help NSA Leaker Seek Asylum

Ron Paul Worried Gov Might Kill NSA Leaker With Drone

NSA Leaker Donated To Ron Paul Presidential Campaign

ACLU Sues Obama Administration Over NSA Surveillance,0,4567996.story

Fallout From Latest Hawaii Spy Scandal

CIA Deputy Director To Be Replaced With White House Lawyer

Military Told Not To Read Obama Scandal News

Major Demand To Impeach Obama

Glenn Beck Has News That Will Rock The Nation

Iran Picks New President Bids Adieu To Ahmadinejad

Dow Falls 100 Stocks Close Down 1% For Week

Average Google Intern Earns 5k A Month

Electronic License Plates Could Be Controlled By DMV

Gov Wants All Cars To Track Driver Behavior

Smart Meters Are Massive Surveillance Tech

U.K. Activists Cry Espionage Over U.S. Surveillance Center

FDA Approves GMO Flu Vaccine With Reprogrammed Insect Virus

Scientist From Johns Hopkins Provides The Rest Of The Story

Alabama Roadblocks Asking For Blood And DNA Samples

Hawaii Man's Death Ruled A Homicide By Police

Officer Cleared After Shooting Litter Of Kittens In Front Of Kids

Obama Campaign Reignites Gun Fight

Supreme Court Bans Protests At Supreme Court

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

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Super Solar Storm Could Leave Western Nations Without Power

Study Finds Antarctic Ice Melting From Below

Ohio Man Charged With Ramming Into White House Perimeter

Erin Brockovich Charged With OUI At Lake Mead

Bank Employee Naps On Keyboard Transfers Millions

HGTV Has A Star Spangled Tablecloth Problem

Probes Into Hillary’s Department’s Sex Scandals Quashed

Obama Silenced Clinton By Threatening Chelsea

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