The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 054 05/26/2013

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Obama Fails To Return Marine's Salute

Code Pink Founder Heckles Obama Repeatedly

Cleaver Assault In London Called A Terrorist Attack

Islamic Fanatics Say You And Your Children Will Be Next

Man Killed By FBI In Orlando Tied To Boston Bombing Suspect

FBI Agents Involved In Boston Bombing Arrest Fall From Helicopter

FBI Agents Died In Fall From Helicopter Off VA Coast

Hofstra Student Accidently Killed By Police

2 Men Arrested After Flight From Pakistan Diverted In UK Airspace

Plane Engine Catches Fire Over Cental London

Cars Burning As Stockholm Braces For Fifth Night Of Riots

FYI YouTube Format Change June 5th 2013

Japan Markets Takes A Tumble

Gov To Spend 146K Texting Low Income People With Depression

Obama To Limit Targets Of Drone Strikes

New Rules For Drones And Transfers For Gitmo Prisoners

Obama Says U.S. At Crossroads In Fight Against Terrorism

Pretty Inconceivable Obama Didn't Know About IRS Targeting

DHS Guards Meet Tea Party Protesters Outside IRS Rally

DHS Janet Napolitano Tours Moore Oklahoma

Foreign Troops In New Hampshire / Florida / West Virginia

DOJ Seized Phone Records For Fox News Numbers

U.S. Government Claims Ownership Over All DNA

Governments Meeting To Figure Out How To Control The Net

Russia Sends At Least 12 Warships To Syria

North Korea Continues Missile Launches For 3rd Day

Iran Hackers Accused Of Targeting U.S. Energy Firms

2 Dead After Being Swept Away In Severe San Antonio Flooding

Suspected Plate Fracture In CA / OR Insiders Evacuating West Coast

Michelle Said To Be Considering An Extended Vacation

Planetary Alignment Peaks With Celestial Show This Weekend

Full Moon Dips In Earth's Shadow

Chemical Safety Board Shut Out Of West TX Probe By ATF

AL Mystery Illness Cases Climb To 10 CDC Still Investigating

Ohio Valley Mall Security VS People Taking Pictures

Diet Soda Habit As Dad For Teeth As Meth Addiction

Utah Boy 15 Arrested In Stabbing Deaths Of Brothers 10 And 4,0,3288965.story

2 Year Old Swam In Alligator Pond After Wandering From Daycare

Parents And 1 Year Old Passed Out From Pot Smoke

Did Pope Francis Perform An Exorcism

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