The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 052 05/11/2013

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Determination For Cause In West TX Pushed Back

West TX Man Arrested For Destructive Device

MN Man Arrested On Suspicion Of Plotting Attack

500 Pounds Of Explosives Stolen From Federal Bunker

F-16s Intercept Mock Attackers Over Phoenix

Head Of USAF Sexual Assault Unit Arrested

Families Of SEAL Team 6 Members Gov Allegations

First 3D Printed Gun Fired

NY Senator Announces Bill To Ban 3D Printed Guns

State Department To Remove 3D Printed Gun Blueprints

Benghazi Was To Run Missiles To Syrian Rebels

Internet Explorer 8 At Risk Of Water Hole Attack

Senate Approves Internet Sales Tax Proposal

Dow Has First Close Above 15K Points

Google To Launch Paid YouTube Subscriptions

Man Arrested For Shooting Toy Gun With Kids

Clarence Thomas Says Obama Approved By Elites

Biden Asks Clergy To Make Moral Argument On Guns

DHS Ammo Grab Is Attempt To Dry Up Supply

High Demand Leaves Ammo Shelves Empty

Dad Begged For His Life As Police Beat Him To Death

Police Practice Fighting Parents In Desensitization Training

US Weighs Wide Overhaul Of Wiretap Laws

Police Drones Invading Your Privacy

Fridges Could Be Switched Off Without Consent

US Honeybees Threatened As 31% Of Colonies Died In 2012

One Third Of US Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter

Updated WW3 News At ENDGAME

6.2 Mag Quake Hits Iran With 5.5 Aftershock

Climbers Killed After Volcano Spews In Philippines

Large Tornado Hits Northern Italy

Solar Eclipse Turns Sun Into Ring Of Fire

Meteor Spotted In Night Sky In England And Wales

Japan Fireball / Meteor 05/06/2013

Five Women Killed In SF Limousine Fire

Teen Injured Trying To Blow Up Turtles

105 YO Woman Reveals Bacon As Secret To Long Life

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