The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 051 05/04/2013

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Rest In Peace Jim Tucker

Obama Hates Internet Media

5YO Shoots 2YO In Kentucky

Airport Gunman Left Suicide Note

NRA Convention In Houston

Unexploded Bomb In Austin

Russian Raid Targeting Suspected Extremists

Dam Vulnerabilities Database Breached

Explosives Stolen From USFS

WTC Tallest Building In The West


DHS Video Uses Gun Owners

Eric Holder Threatens Kansas

Jersey Police Pro Militia Clique

Home Schoolers Stripped Of Rights

Boy Suspended Over Knife

Girl Expelled Over Science Experiment

Student Expelled Over Shotgun

School Holds Unplanned Drill

Court Martial Over Christian Faith

Cell Phone Searches Unconstitutional

Ban On Pesticides Linked To Bee Deaths

100 Students Wear NRA Shirt To School

Lawmakers Press Obama Over Syria

Israel Airstrike On Syria

Missiles Fired At Russian Plane

Snowstorm Hits Midwest

Midwest Snowfall Picture

747 Crash At Bagram Airfield

Crashing A Jet With An Android Phone

Guantanamo Attorney Suicide

Sex Superbug Worse Than AIDS

Digital Tattoos And Mind Reading Headphones

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Collegno's Pizzeria
Disregard, Fake Story, Sorry...

Oath Keepers



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