The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 049 04/21/2013

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Texas Residents Allowed To Return

Ammonium Nitrate Rail Car Near Plant

The Boston Siege Of 2013

Bomb Suspect Clings To Life

No Miranda Rights By SisterSunshineTV

Obama Approves Higher Radiation Levels

Man Arrested Over Ricin Letters

East Bay Police Train With Airsoft Guns

Remington Sells Out For Gov Contract

CISPA Passes U.S. House

8Th Grader Arrested Over NRA Shirt

Gadsden Flag Removed From NY Military Armory

Biden Says Executive Actions For Guns Coming

Pelosi Says Tougher Gun Controls Inevitable

California Gun Confiscation Bill Passes

New $4B Homeland Security Headquarters

DHS Advising Of Economic Collapse

U.S. Bomb Kills 30 At Afghan Wedding

U.S. Helo Crashes Near N Korean Border

N Korea Moves Two More Launchers

6.9 Mag Quake Strikes China

7.8 Mag Quake Strikes Iran

Sinkhole Swallows 3 Cars In Chicago

9/11 Memorial Now Charging $2 Fee

Mom Told Kids To Fire BB Gun As She Drove

Man Who Stole Obama Teleprompter Gets 7 Years

Drug Addicts Given Safe Rooms

Ethiopian Girl Guarded By Lions

NASA Kepler Spacecraft Looks For ET

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