The Jericho Report Weekly News Briefing # 048 04/14/2013

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Georgia Hostage Taker Killed

Teens Arrested After Girls Suicide

Fukushima Leaking Radioactive Water

Epidemic Hazard In Germany

Colt Moves AR-15 Plant To Texas

New NAVY Laser Gun

Obamacare Navigators To Be Hired

Missouri CCW Info Given To Feds

NY Gun Confiscation Underway

IRS Can Read Email Without Warrant

No Right To Bear Arms Says CT School

Feds Identify 300K Americans As Terrorists

Black Helicopter Crowd Upset Says Biden

Tokyo To Be Consumed In Nuclear Flames

Japan To Shoot Down Any N Korea Missile

N Korea Could Fire At Any Time

70 Percent Chance Of War With N Korea

Iran Vows To Defend N Korea

N Korea States Nuclear War Unavoidable

Syria In Ruins

Deadly Tornado Hits Mississippi

Biggest Solar Flare Of The Year

6.3 Quake Hits Iran 37 Deaths Reported

Obama Seeks $17B To Lasso Asteroid

Cookie Monster And Elmo Get In Trouble

Co Legislator Doesn't Understand Magazines

Iranian Scientist Invented Time Machine

Latest Bird Flu Virus Is U.S. Bio Weapon

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